Benzie voters to see NMC annexation proposition Nov. 5

TRAVERSE CITY —  At the invitation of a group of Benzie County residents, Northwestern Michigan College trustees voted unanimously at their April 22 meeting to place an annexation proposition before Benzie County voters on the Nov. 5, 2024 ballot.

If voters approve, Benzie County would join Grand Traverse County as part of NMC’s taxing district, paying a millage (property tax) to support college operations. In turn, residents would receive NMC’s lowest tuition rates. Benzie County is not currently part of a community college district.

NMC’s taxing district has been limited to Grand Traverse County since it was founded in 1951. The possibility of Benzie County joining the district was raised by a group of Benzie County residents in 2019. Since then NMC has held 25 listening sessions throughout the county to determine whether to move forward.

Benzie voters will see two separate ballot questions. The first will ask them to vote yes or no on the annexation. The second will ask them to vote yes or no on the millage in perpetuity. Both must pass for the annexation to take effect and the millage to be collected starting in 2025.

If approved:

  • Benzie County residents could attend NMC as in-district students and pay a lower rate ($122/contact hour) than the current out-of-district rate ($261/contact hour.)
  • NMC would establish a physical presence in Benzie County, envisioned to include teaching/classroom space, a computer lab and technology resources for students, meeting spaces and office space for permanent and visiting staff.
  • NMC would net an additional $2.6 million/year due to the millage.

NMC’s current in-district millage rate is 2.0574. For the owner of a $200,000 home, annexation would cost $206 per year. For the owner of a $300,000 home, it would cost $309 per year. For the owner of a $400,000 home, it would cost $411 per year. 

Release date: APRIL 23, 2024

For more information:

Cari Noga
Communications Director
(231) 392-1800  (Call or text)



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