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The Learner Experience statement resulted from an interactive April 16 Student Experience workshop. It is designed to be succinct and motivational, articulating a vision of the future NMC student experience. It was presented to the President’s Council and Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) for review and approval. The statement will serve as a guiding document for subsequent strategic planning activities, ensuring alignment between institutional priorities and the ideal student experience at NMC.

Learner Experience Statement St Statement


Northwestern Michigan College will provide an enriching education exemplified by a supportive and welcoming learner experience, characterized by:

  • An empowering environment that encourages learners to discover new knowledge and explore questions related to their future career and life’s work
  • A meaningful education that equips learners with relevant skills and supports them in developing their sense of purpose
  • An inclusive community that values diversity and where all learners feel a sense of belonging and connection
  • Caring instructors and staff who provide pathways to success and support learners through their college experience so they thrive in their future endeavors

NMC’s faculty, staff, and administration support this experience through:

  • Integrated services and effective communication to help learners successfully navigate academic, financial, and transfer processes
  • Flexible course delivery options and easily-accessible resources that meet the evolving needs of learners
  • Program maps and user-friendly technologies that allow learners to monitor their progress and receive frequent updates to enhance their decision making
  • Campus programs that connect learners with peers, mentors, and dedicated faculty and staff to ensure support throughout their educational experiences
  • Experiential, hands-on activities that prepare learners for life outside college and engage them with business and community partners


To ask questions, or to provide ideas and feedback, please email strategic-planning@nmc.edu.




Consultant RFP and Selection

Jan.–Feb. 2021

Community Engagement Process

March–Sept. 2021

Share Draft Plan and Solicit Feedback

Oct.–Dec. 2021

Share Final Plan

Dec. 2021

Board Approval

Jan. 2022

Begin Operational Planning

Jan. 2022

Steering Committee

  • Bailey, Ed — Staff
  • Balbach, Lisa — Faculty
  • Bott, Chris — Board of Trustees
  • Cook, Vicki — President's Council
  • Cotto, Marguerite — President's Council
  • Evans, Joy — President's Council
  • Everest, Brandon — Faculty
  • Fairbanks, Diana — President's Council
  • Gorton, Holly — President's Council
  • Gustafson, Terri — Staff
  • Hadley, Craig — Staff
  • Jenkins, Tony — Faculty
  • Johnson, Rachel — Board of Trustees
  • Kierczynski, Troy — Staff
  • Liebling, Mark — President's Council
  • Lively, Janet —  Faculty
  • Marsh, Amber — Student
  • Marsh Jr., Bill — NMC Foundation
  • Metiva, Allison — Alumni
  • Moritz, Lynne — Administrative Support
  • Neibauer, Todd — President's Council
  • Nissley, Nick — President's Council
  • Siciliano, Stephen — President's Council
  • Teahen, Rebecca — President's Council
  • Thomas, Lisa — Staff
  • Wangler, Sarah — Faculty