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Status Update

Spring 2021: Launching community engagement process involving all NMC stakeholders: Faculty, staff, students, alumni, board and community members. Get involved here!

Our Purpose

  • Refocus our energies and resources for the next three calendar years
  • Leverage our past successes to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead
  • Answer: Who are we? What do we want to become? How do we achieve our desired future state?

Plan Process

  • Reassess the college’s mission, vision and values.
  • Clarify assumptions about the environment and scenarios that will shape the college's future actions. Specifically:
    • Gather and analyze quantitative data
    • Scan NMC's operating environment through document review, interviews, focus groups and surveys
    • Facilitate steering committee meetings, focus groups and other meetings

The Outcome

  • Reaffirm the college's Mission statement, Vision and Values
  • Articulate and affirm the college's current state
  • Conduct scenario planning based on internal and/or external environmental conditions
  • Define the college's desired future state
  • Outline strategic directions that include a three-year timeframe, 2022–2025
  • Set strategic goals for the institution
  • Develop strategies to meet established goals
  • Identify key performance indicators and targets

Our Planning Partner

CampusWorks Inc. has over 20 years of experience providing educational leadership and advisory services to higher education. CampusWorks was chosen for their experience with dozens of other community colleges, a robust process for inclusion of all stakeholder groups, their willingness to adapt to NMC’s culture and community engagement needs and their student-focused philosophy. Dr. Chrissy Coley, Portfolio Executive Leader, and Dr. Kevin David, Portfolio Director, serve as NMC's primary consulting team members.

Strategic Planning Events

Events open to the general public are indicated by a star (★). Note that some events are limited to specific stakeholder groups, more events will be added as the strategic planning process progresses, and Zoom meeting links will be added to public events when available. Please email with questions and to provide ideas and feedback.

  • Trends in Higher Education Workshop – Monday, April 5, 2:30–4 p.m.

    • Planning partner CampusWorks will introduce and lead a discussion on trends in higher education, identifying themes related to enrollment, student success, technology, and accountability that can support institutional transformational objectives. This session acts as a primer to assist faculty, staff, and administration in embracing the redefining of the student experience by challenging them to embrace the possibility of new models of services. This workshop will be offered to a representative audience at the College, including leadership, faculty and staff.
  •  Strategic Planning Kickoff with Board of Trustees – Tuesday, April 6, 5:30–7 p.m.

    • Presentation by CampusWorks consultants.
  • Student Experience Workshop – Friday, April 16, 9 a.m.–Noon

    • This interactive workshop with NMC students is designed to develop the future definition of the student experience at NMC. The outcome will be a succinct and motivational document that articulates a vision for the student experience. The proposed learner experience statement will be presented to the President’s Council and Strategic Planning Steering Committee (SPSC) for review and approval. The final document will serve as a guiding document for the subsequent strategic planning activities, ensuring alignment between institutional priorities and the ideal student experience at NMC.
  • NMC Staff Strategic Planning Focus Group #1 – Wednesday, April 28, Noon–1:30 p.m.

  • NMC Strategic Planning Steering Committee and Work Team Joint Meeting – Thursday, May 6, 11:45 a.m.–1 p.m.

  • NMC Staff Strategic Planning Focus Group #2 – Thursday, May 6, 3:30–5 p.m.

  •  Special Board of Trustees virtual meeting – TuesDAY, MAY 11, 2–5 P.M.

  •  Community Public Input Meeting – Wednesday, May 26, 3:30–5 p.m.

    • NMC Employees, Students and Community Partners
  •  Future Summit – Wednesday, June 23, 1–5 p.m.

    • Thank you for adding your voice to the critical conversation about the future of your community college. The Future Summit is the signature event in NMC's strategic planning efforts that began earlier this year. Learn more here.
  • Opening Conference & Strategic Planning Updates – Monday, Aug. 23, via Zoom

    • NMC Employees
  • Scan to Plan Workshop (Strategy Workshop #1) – Week of Aug. 23, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategic Planning Steering Committee and Work Team
  • Advancing Strategies Workshop (Strategy Workshop #2) – Week of Sept. 6, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategic Planning Steering Committee and Work Team
  • Values Workshop – Week of Sept. 13, via Zoom

    • All NMC Employees Invited
  • Feedback Sessions with Campus & Community Constituents – Weeks of Sept. 27 & Oct. 4, via Zoom

    • NMC Students, Employees and Community Members
  • Objective Workshop #1 – Week of Oct. 18, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Work and Management Teams
  • Objective Workshop #2 – Week of Nov. 1, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Work and Management Teams
  • Action Planning Workshop #1 (including assigning Action Leads) – Week of Nov. 15, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategy Owners, Objective Leads and Management Team
  • Action Planning Workshop #2 – Week of Nov. 29, via Zoom

    • NMC Strategy Owners, Objective Leads and Management Team

To ask questions, or to provide ideas and feedback, please email




Consultant RFP and Selection

Jan.–Feb. 2021

Community Engagement Process

March–Sept. 2021

Share Draft Plan and Solicit Feedback

Oct. 2021

Share Final Plan

Nov. 2021

Board Approval

Dec. 2021

Begin Operational Planning

Jan. 2022


Learner Experience Statement

Steering Committee

  • Bailey, Ed — Staff
  • Balbach, Lisa — Faculty
  • Bott, Chris — Board of Trustees
  • Cook, Vicki — President's Council
  • Cotto, Marguerite — President's Council
  • Evans, Joy — President's Council
  • Everest, Brandon — Faculty
  • Fairbanks, Diana — President's Council
  • Gorton, Holly — President's Council
  • Hadley, Craig — Staff
  • Johnson, Rachel — Board of Trustees
  • Kierczynski, Troy — Staff
  • Liebling, Mark — President's Council
  • Marsh, Amber — Student
  • Marsh Jr., Bill — NMC Foundation
  • Metiva, Allison — Alumni
  • Moritz, Lynne — Administrative Support
  • Neibauer, Todd — President's Council
  • Nissley, Nick — President's Council
  • Siciliano, Stephen — President's Council
  • Teahen, Rebecca — President's Council
  • Thomas, Lisa — Staff
  • Wangler, Sarah — Faculty

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