Audit Committee

The Audit Committee shall serve on behalf of the Board as a recommending body to the full Board. Responsibilities include the following:

  • Recommend the selection of an auditor
  • Review annual audit planning
  • Determine the internal audit component
  • Review the audit with the auditors prior to the full-board review

Building and Site Committee

The Building and Site Committee will guide and monitor construction and major renovation projects, including land acquisition/disposition and updates to the campus master plan, and will communicate progress to the full Board of Trustees.

Responsibilities of the Building and Site Committee include the following:

  • Review recommendations to construct new structures and major renovation to older structures, and monitor progress of projects.
  • Review recommendations to acquire new property and dispose of existing property.
  • Review recommendations for amendments to the campus master plan.
  • Communicate with full Board of Trustees on all issues considered by the committee.
  • Act as a resource to the vice president of finance and administration.
  • Carry out other responsibilities related to major facilities projects, as identified by the board chair.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee serves a board-level oversight role where it receives information and provides advice, counsel and general direction, as it deems appropriate, to the College President.

Recommendations of the Executive Committee shall be reported to the full Board of Trustees and their meeting minutes will be provided at the next regularly scheduled Board of Trustees' meeting.

Fellows Nominating Committee

The Fellows Nominating Committee seeks and reviews nominations for the NMC Fellows award. Each year the committee selects an honoree(s) for the Fellow award, which is Northwestern Michigan College's highest honor, awarded since 1964.

NMC Foundation Board

Up to three (3) members of the NMC Board of Trustees are appointed by the Board of Trustees Chair to serve on the NMC Foundation Board of Directors.  One of these three trustees also serve on the Foundation’s Executive Committee.

MCCA Committee

Two (2) trustees are assigned to serve on the Board of Directors of the Michigan Community College Association (one as a primary member, another as an alternate). See the Michigan Community College Association (MCCA) website for more information.

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee shall do all things affecting the Board Policies of the college and report and recommend thereon to the Board of Trustees. Duties of the Board Policy Committee include the following:

  • Review “NMC” Policy Governance Model: A Summary”
  • Review “Types of Policy”
  • Review all board policies. Policies with a prefix of:
    • A are board of trustees process policies;
    • B are board-president relationship policies;
    • Care ends policies (mission, vision, values, purposes);
    • D are parameters for indicators of success policies.
  • Make recommendations to the trustees for changes to board policy on a first and second reading basis.

Presidential Performance and Compensation Committee

The Presidential Performance and Compensation Committee serves to develop, review, and distribute the
annual evaluation tool to support the Board of Trustees’ responsibility of monitoring presidential
performance (see Board Policy B-102.00). Responsibilities of the committee include the following:

  • Develop and review assessment tool
  • Determine annual evaluation timeline
  • Review presidential contract and recommend to the full board for approval (as necessary according to contract terms)