Public Transportation

Bay Area Transportation Authority (BATA) »

(231) 941-2324

NOTE: Routes may vary or be suspended due to limited staff resources. Check maps and schedules for the latest information.

BATA City Loop mapView the City Loop maps and schedules »

  • Route 5 stops at the Dennos Museum Center with departures every 30 minutes, and every 60 minutes during off-peak times and weekends.
  • Route 5 transfers with the Bayline, Route 2, Route 3 and Route 14.
  • Transit stops include Trailside45 Apartments, TART Trail, Save-a-Lot and the Grand Traverse County Health Department.

View the Bayline route map and schedule »

The Bayline is a free east-west route that runs daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Nearby stops are located on US-31 by the Dennos Museum Center.

  • To head west towards downtown, board on the north side of the road at East Front Street and Milliken Drive.
  • To head east towards Tom’s Food Market East Bay, board on the south side of the road at East Front and Fair streets (at the corner of the Grand Traverse County Civic Center property).

Plan your trip with Google Transit at, or download the Google Maps App and enter your “From” and “To” for bus routes, travel time and cost.

Students are eligible for reduced fares.

Get downtown with ease! Check out or BATA’s trip planning tool to use public transit to get to where you need to go.

Northwest Michigan Ride Share Connection »

A ride-sharing resource for commuting students. Give or find a ride to class.