NMC Police Academy law enforcement students in a training session

Application Timeline

The application process begins in April and concludes in June each calendar year.

Following successful completion of the MCOLES Pre-Enrollment Tests, students will receive an information packet with MCOLES and NMC documents that must be completed. As part of the paperwork process, students will undergo a complete medical evaluation and drug testing at Munson Occupational Health & Medicine in Traverse City.

Once the paperwork and medical evaluation are complete, the Director will notify students with a date and time for their oral interview. Following a successful interview, students will be given forms and instructions to have their fingerprints taken. A thorough and comprehensive background investigation will be conducted on each applicant. Please refer to the Licensing Standards for Michigan Law Enforcement Officers on the MCOLES website.

Once the background investigation is complete, students will be notified by the Director. Successful students will receive uniform guidelines and instructions in preparation for the academy.