Internship Opportunities

Your internship is an invaluable opportunity to explore what areas of Social Work interest and excite you. It gives you practice in your chosen field and is a great way to connect the knowledge you learn in the classroom with real-world experience. It's also an opportunity for you to gain experience in an area you may have little knowledge of. All the better! An internship offers a chance for potential employers to get to know you as well. Many professionals will tell you they landed their first job through an internship. Explore some of the options below and start to think about where you would like to intern!

Internship Partners

Addiction Treatment Services

ATS' mission is to promote the overall health, wellness, and recovery of individuals impacted by substance use and behavioral health issues by meeting the treatment needs of our clients and community.We desire a healthy community where stigmas around addiction don’t exist and every chance at recovery is met with understanding and support.

Child Advocacy Center

Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) are community-based, child-focused and child-friendly facilities where representatives from many disciplines meet to discuss and make decisions about investigation, treatment and prosecution of child abuse cases. Traverse Bay Children's Advocacy Center is an accredited CAC through the National Children’s Alliance. All services are offered at no cost to children and families in the Grand Traverse region.

Community Mental Health

Northern Lakes Community Mental Health Authority (NLCMHA) serves adults with mental illness, persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and children with serious emotional disturbances.They offer a wide variety of services including Crisis help, inpatient and outpatient treatment and counseling.

Disability Network

Disability Network provides information, assistance and support to people of all ages with a wide variety of disabilities. To promote personal empowerment and positive social change. They also work on a larger scale, helping governments, businesses and other organizations make changes that improve life for everyone in the community.

Father Fred Foundation

Since 1989, The Father Fred Foundation has been helping individuals and families with their essential immediate needs; nourishing food on the table, keeping heat and lights on, needed work shoes,  and children's boots and clothing when the necessities of home are unaffordable. They work to nurture hope when all else seems hopeless!

Food Rescue

Food Rescue collects soon-to-expire, fresh, healthy food, and distributes it to the 70+ food pantries and community meal sites of the Northwest Food Coalition on the same day, at no cost to the pantries.

Grocery stores, farms, food processors, caterers, and restaurants struggle every day with soon-to-expire food. No one wants to waste food, but it takes logistics to gather and redistribute it. Meanwhile, one in three of our Northern Michigan neighbors do not have adequate access to nutritious food, and an estimated 40% of food grown, processed, and transported in the US will never be consumed. Food Rescue does the logistical work in Northwest Michigan to bring nutritious food  to  people who need it, and keep food out of landfills.  

Goodwill Northern Michigan

Goodwill envisions a community where everyone has access to a safe and secure place to live, the nutritious food they need, and opportunities for empowering employment. They are a community-supported social enterprise and serve 19 county regions.

Goodwill Inn

The Goodwill Inn is a year-round, 120-bed emergency shelter that includes 11 suites for families. They provide safe, supportive shelter with food and other basic needs for adults and families experiencing homelessness, while they support their efforts to find safe, permanent housing solutions.


Are you energized to work with happy, healthy, ready-to-learn kids? Are you ready to make your community stronger, better connected? If so, Norte may be the place to Intern.

Norte builds stronger, better connected, and more walk/bike-friendly communities by empowering the young and young at heart.

They offer many Bike clubs such as their after school & summer bike clubs

Their goal is to inspire young people to be independent, happy, confident, and ready to learn. They then feel empowered and develop lifelong habits to move more and sit less. From there, they become leaders in their neighborhood

New Vision Academy

New Vision Academy works during the summer to help introduce youth on probation to life skills, art, community service, healthy recreation, nutrition, and more. Interns with special interests and skills are especially needed. The program takes place during the summer for 18 days, three hours each day.

Seeds Program

SEEDS Ecology & Education Centers are a nonprofit organization established to implement local solutions to global issues at the intersection of ecology, education, and design. Through its staff, volunteers, and community partners, SEEDS makes a positive direct impact on hundreds of people each day. SEEDS work focuses on place-based activities that regenerate habitat, prevent carbon emissions, develop talent pipelines for green industries, and invest in the next generations.

Women's Resource Center

The mission of the Women’s Resource Center is to protect, shelter, and empower people impacted by domestic and sexual violence. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide individual and group support and emergency shelter.