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Disability Support

The Disability Support (DS) office at NMC assists students by maximizing ability and opportunity for full participation here. If you are a student at NMC and you have a disability that substantially limits a major life activity, you can register with the DSS office and you may be eligible to receive accommodations. Please note this information is kept strictly confidential. Self-identification is voluntary. However, if you have a disability, not registering with DS may delay or compromise the availability of accommodations. The following steps should be taken to expedite the accommodation request process:

  1. Formally identify as a student with a physical, sensory, cognitive or psychological disability by meeting with the Disability Support Coordinator;
  2. Bring sufficient documentation of the disability to the first meeting;
  3. Once sufficient documentation is received and accommodations approved through the interactive process between the student and the DS coordinator, instructors will be notified of the approved accommodations.

As each disability is unique, the DS coordinator provides details on what constitutes appropriate documentation for a particular disability. At a minimum, documentation of a disability must appear on official letterhead from a licensed medical, diagnostic or psychological professional and include a diagnosis, scope or degree of involvement, and summary of related functional limitations. As many reasonable accommodations require significant pre-planning, registration with DS prior to situations requiring accommodations is essential.

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