Staff Policy D-505.01
Institutional Effectiveness Criterion: Operations

Facilities Use Procedure

Northwestern Michigan College's property, buildings, parking lots and grounds are designed and reserved for supporting the purposes of the institution. Consistent with Board of Trustees policy, Northwestern Michigan College (NMC) also makes its physical facilities available to responsible groups and organizations on a rental basis, after meeting College needs. However, non-College use of NMC's undeveloped properties is prohibited.

Please see specific Facilities Use policies for the following NMC Locations:

D-505.02 - Dennos Museum Center
D-505.03 - Hagerty Center
D-505.04 - Oleson Center
D-505.05 - University Center

  1. Scheduling Responsibility
    All NMC property, buildings, parking lots and grounds belong to the College. All space usage for any reason must be scheduled through the Central Scheduling system to ensure equitable and appropriate application of the scheduling policy and procedures and to minimize conflicts in bookings.
  2. Scheduling Order
    Reasonable efforts will be made to assure all programmatic needs are met. Scheduling will be built in the following order:
    1. NMC academic courses.
    2. University Center academic courses.
    3. NMC non-credit courses.
    4. NMC events/meetings by approved NMC groups/units, NMC co-sponsored events, and external groups.
  3. ​Fees
    All use of space has a cost. Fees for space use are based on these characteristics:
    1. The relationship of the event to the College's mission and purposes
    2. The size of the event: number of participants, number of rooms, length of time, additional services required, complexity of logistics
    3. The extent to which the hosting of the event is shared by others on a regular basis (i.e. host rotation)
    4. The payment of registration fees by participants
    5. The organization's non-profit status
    For current rental rates, see fee schedules available from Central Scheduling. Fees are subject to change without notice.
  4. Facility Use Guidelines
    1. Scheduling and Cancellation
      1. The maximum lead-time any non-academic event can be scheduled is one semester to avoid interference with academic scheduling.
      2. When advance planning is critical, Central Scheduling may tentatively reserve facilities one year in advance.
      3. The College reserves the right to require a Certificate of Liability from the renting organization.
      4. NMC assumes no liability for equipment provided by user.
      5. Cancellation for events is required no fewer than three (3) days prior to the event. Costs incurred as a result of the cancellation are billed to the user. For current cancellation rates see fee schedules available from Central Scheduling. Fees are subject to change without notice.
      6. Central Scheduling coordinates supervisory, custodial, maintenance, food, computer, media, transportation and security staff required for events. Costs for services will be billed to the user.
      7. When the College closes due to inclement weather, events scheduled in College facilities are canceled. If a renting organization wishes to hold its event even though the College is closed, a mutual decision must be made by contacting Central Scheduling. See NMC Inclement Weather Policy D-506.03
      8. College facilities and grounds may not be used for overnight camping.
      9. College facilities may not be used by an individual, group or organization that advocates or subscribes to any theory or doctrine subversive to the Constitution or laws of the United States or the State of Michigan. This restriction does not prohibit the discussion of controversial subjects in a public forum.
      10. Inaccurate or untruthful statements made in applications, or violations of the College's policies and procedures, including non-payment, may place the responsible persons or organizations on an ineligible list for future use of facilities.
    2. Responsibilities of the user
      1. All users of College facilities are subject to the policies and procedures of the College. In addition, all federal, state, county, and local municipality laws and ordinances are applicable to the College and the user, including Fire Codes and room capacities.
      2. All non-College groups who use College facilities must include a disclaimer statement in all promotional activity clearly stating that the event is "Sponsored by (renter's organization name)."
      3. NMC's properties are Tobacco Free. See NMC Policy D-505.02.
      4. Alcohol possession or use is prohibited on all College property except as authorized by NMC Policy D-505.04, Alcohol and Illicit Drugs. Possession and/or use of illicit drugs is prohibited on NMC property.
      5. All catering must be arranged through NMC catering services. Outside catering is not permitted unless approved by Central Scheduling.
      6. All temporary signage and decorations shall conform to fire code and local ordinances. Central Scheduling must review all directional signage, decorations, posters, and flyers before they are posted or distributed. User must remove all items from College property at the close of the activity unless arrangements have been made with Central Scheduling. Specific guidelines for signage and decorations are available from Central Scheduling. Note: Additional fees may be incurred if signage and decorations are not removed.
      7. The Facility Use Applicant shall be fully responsible for all damage or loss of College property beyond normal wear and tear.
      8. Doors and hallways must not be blocked with chairs or other equipment. Fire doors must not be propped open at any time.
      9. The use of candles, except where expressly allowed, heating devices or flammable materials is prohibited in all College facilities unless approved by Central Scheduling.
  5. ​NMC Co-sponsored Events
    NMC does not co-sponsor religious events or single party/single view political events. NMC provides sponsorship opportunities for events in the following categories:
    1. NMC Co-Sponsorships
      As a pursuit of professional interests that are directly related to the job the employee performs for Northwestern Michigan College, NMC departments, faculty, and staff may provide access to NMC facilities through co-sponsorship of select events.

      Co-sponsorship may provide for the reduction of standard fees for space. Fees for custodial support and maintenance, technical support, equipment, food, or special needs are billed based on established rates.

      Prospective NMC co-sponsors must submit a written request to Central Scheduling with rationale for co-sponsorship. If co-sponsorship is approved, Central Scheduling will issue a contract for signature by the party responsible for payment of fees (either an NMC department or the renting organization).

      Co-sponsorship requires the integral participation of the NMC co-sponsor throughout the course of the event.

      All other requirements as identified in Section 3. Fees are in effect.
    2. NMC Student Events
      For purposes of this policy, student organizations are those registered with the Student Government Association. Meetings and events of registered student organizations may be held in East and West Halls at no charge. Use of other spaces may incur fees at the co-sponsored rate.

When in the best interest of Northwestern Michigan College, the President or his/her designee may approve exceptions to procedures, fees, or requests for waivers, on a non-precedent-setting basis. The College reserves the right to cancel any event for circumstances beyond its control and/or reasonable cause, or deny and make additional restrictions when in the best interest of the College.

The Vice President of Finance and Administration, in conjunction with the appropriate faculty and staff, is responsible for the development and publication of any procedures or guidelines that may be necessary to administer this policy effectively.

If any provision(s) of this policy or set of bylaws conflicts with laws applicable to Northwestern Michigan College, including the Community College Act of 1966, the Freedom of Information Act, or the Open Meetings Act, as each may be amended from time to time, such laws shall control and supersede such provision(s).

Initially adopted as D-1113.01 June 15, 2004
Revised October 17, 2005
Renumbered D-505.01 December 20, 2006
Revised September 18, 2009
Revised March 19, 2010