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Marine Systems

  • ROV Ops Certification (ADCI Certification)
  • Marine Electronics (Fundamentals / Advanced)
  • Marine Hydraulics (Fundamentals / Advanced)
  • Safety & Rigging
  • ROV Fundamentals
  • ROV Operations
  • Marine Acoustics (Fundamentals / Advanced)
  • Marine Data Processing: (Fundamentals / Advanced)
  • Advanced Marine Platforms
  • Marine Project Management
  • LEAN Marine
  • Marine Archaeology Technology
  • Marine ROV Camps (College / 11-12 grade)

UAV photo

Unmanned Aerial Systems

  • Aerial surveying / Imagery (Fundamentals / Advanced)
  • Integrated Marine Nearshore Surveys
  • FAA UAS Certification
  • Advanced UAS Platforms
  • Aerial Image Data Processing
  • UAS Flight Fundamentals

Surveying photo


  • Fundamentals of Land Surveying
  • Conventional Surveying Techniques
  • GNSS Positioning Techniques (Operations & Datums)
  • Surveying Data Processing, Adjustments and Imaging
  • Route Surveying (Roads, Rails, Bridges)
  • Pipeline Surveying (Manifests, Tally, Cataloging Observations)
  • Precision Leveling & Integration of Surveying Measurements
  • Boundary Surveying for the New Surveyor
  • Forensic Mapping for Law Enforcement
  • High Definition Scanning

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