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Micro credential illustrationMicro credential illustrationMicro-credentials are an aggregate of courses built around a competency that that can be taken as a standalone program or stacked to earn an academic degree or certificate. Micro-credentials are designed to provide specific workforce-ready skills in an accelerated timeframe. The micro-credential career pathway is a program for new students, professionals, military, and others seeking to up-skill their career paths.

Micro-credential Benefits

  • Provide short-term, immediate competency skills.
  • Demonstrate to employers about specific skills and competencies learned.
  • Supplement an existing degree program with complementary skill sets.
  • Ladder from a stand-alone micro-credential to an academic degree (associate or bachelor's).

Micro-credential Program: The micro-credential program leverages the existing proven technical programs at Northwestern Michigan College and is focused on the marine, engineering, geospatial, survey and unmanned systems technologies. Outlined below are the seven micro-credentials being offered and their respective competencies and courses.

Micro-Credentials List




Electrical Systems & Troubleshooting


Electrical studies I

Electrical Studies II

Microcontrollers Application


Microcontroller Programming

Microcontroller Systems

ROV Systems & Troubleshooting

Marine Technology Systems

Research Technologies
Systems & Operations

Advanced Marine Platforms

Marine Technology Systems - Advanced

GL Research Technologies
ROV Systems & Operations
Advanced Marine Platforms

Marine Data Processing

Remote Sensing, Sonar Systems & Data Processing

Remote Sensing and Sensors
Underwater Acoustics & Sonar
Marine GIS & Data Processing
Advanced Marine Survey & Data

UAS Technician

Unmanned Aerial Systems

Remote Pilot Flight
Commercial Drone Operations

Survey Fundamentals

Survey Fundamentals & Applications

Fundamentals of Surveying
CAD for Surveying
Construction Survey Applications

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