Strategic Planning update, 9/7/21

Dear NMC Community — Thank you for your continued active and engaged participation in our ongoing strategic planning process!

Since our last update, we have finished the scanning, or research phase of the process and moved into the active planning phase. This has been no small feat! Throughout July and early August, nine Scan Teams conducted research into the nine key topics to develop recommendations for the Steering Committee and Work Team.

All faculty and staff also had an opportunity to take part in an Employee Values Workshop during Opening Conference on August 23, as well as to respond to a values survey. The Steering Committee and Work Team held its first strategy workshop (Scan to Plan) the next day. Nearly two dozen potential strategies were drafted. As the fall semester gets underway, our intensive focus on NMC’s future continues. Milestones between now and Thanksgiving include the following:

  • September 15: A second strategy workshop for the Steering Committee and Work Team, where strategies will be further discussed and prioritized.
  • September 28-October 3: Employees complete a survey on the draft mission, vision, values and strategies.
  • October 4-7: Feedback sessions (employees, students and community)
  • October 25: Board of Trustees reviews strategies approved by the Strategic Planning Steering Committee.
  • October and November: Two objectives workshops followed by two action planning workshops. These will specify how the approved strategies will be carried out.
  • November 22: Board reviews the final mission/vision/values statements and objectives.

We will continue to provide regular updates on the strategic planning process as we work toward final plan approval by the Board of Trustees in December 2021. You can get updates any time at and email any questions to


Release date: SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

For more information:

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Associate Vice President of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications
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