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Whether your interest lies in the field biology, nursing or a specialty area such as commercial turf grass operations, biology majors at NMC can earn an Associate of Science degree with the option of further learning in a specific area of study.

Consider what makes our Biology Program unique:

  • NMC Biology Department faculty has a close working relationship with instructors in the NMC and University of Michigan Nursing Schools. They are continuously working to assure students completing introductory biology courses are well prepared to complete the ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing) and BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).
  • NMC and Michigan State University have developed an Applied Plant Science Program. This program prepares students in the areas of Commercial Turf Grass Operations, Landscape and Nursery or Commercial Horticulture.
  • You can enroll as a biology major at NMC, earn an Associate in Science & Arts in two years and then transfer to Michigan Technological University with junior standing to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in biology in our 2+2 biology program. Most of our introductory classes (BIO 105-109) transfer as natural science courses. Our BIO 115-116 series transfers as first year biology to most four year schools. Our 200 level courses transfer as 200 to 300 level biology course.

If you’re interested in field biology, NMC offers a variety of courses including field laboratories. Field Biology, General Ecology, and Natural History of Vertebrates all include intensive field activities with live plants, animals and microorganisms. The extensive natural areas in the Grand Traverse Region offer ample opportunities to study in natural surroundings.

Other Activities:

The NMC Biology Department maintains a Greenhouse and Outdoor Perennial Garden on the southeast corner of the Health & Science Building.

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Pre-med students eligible for MSU Early Assurance ‘pipeline’

MSU logoMichigan State University, MSU College of Human Medicine and NMC have agreed to establish a cooperative program of premedical education by which NMC students who transfer as undergraduate premedical students to Michigan State University will have the opportunity to be granted an enhanced opportunity for admission to MSU College of Human Medicine.

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