Students of all ages have the opportunity to learn about astronomy at the Rogers Observatory.

If you're an NMC student

Enroll in our Astronomy Program, which includes plenty of time spent at the Rogers Observatory.

If you're an elementary or secondary school student

Check out Project ASTRO, a national program connecting professional and amateur astronomers with 4th–9th grade teachers in their respective communities. After the astronomer-teacher partners are trained together at two-day workshops, each volunteer astronomer "adopts" a class or youth group and makes at least four visits during the year. The main focus is hands-on, inquiry-based activities that put students in the position of acting like scientists - as they come to understand more about the universe and science in general.

Begun as an experiment in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1993, Project ASTRO has now expanded to a dozen regional sites around the United States — including NMC's Rogers Observatory. In recent years, the program added an additional focus on families, developing training workshops and materials to help families enjoy astronomy activities on their own. Learn more about Project ASTRO here.

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