Public Viewing

Students from the NMC Astronomy Club and the Grand Traverse Astronomical Society (GTAS) host public viewing nights.

2023 Public Viewing Schedule:

Information regarding virtual public viewing nights being held the first Friday of each month can be found on the Grand Traverse Astronomical Society (GTAS) website at

See for more outreach events around the area.

  • Orion Nebula: A stellar nursery, 1,800 light years away, visible on winter evenings
  • Summer Milky Way: Many Deep Sky Objects are visible in our galaxy, best seen on August and September evenings

Web Sites of Interest

For more information on events at the Rogers Observatory, call (231) 995-2300.

For more information on events sponsored by GTAS, go to

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"It's a wonderful thing when the community comes out and uses the facility they helped to build."