What class should I take?

Class Pitches

So you've reviewed your MAP & Plans, met with an advisor, but you're still unsure of what class to pick? The videos below were developed by our faculty to learn more about some unique courses to consider!

  • PSY100: Career Exploration & Planning with Taylor Nash

  • AUD100, AUD120, AUD110, AUD130 with Brady Corcoran

  • EGR113 Engineering Graphics 1 with Jay Smith

  • COM111 Public Speaking with Michael Anderson

  • EET232 Programmable Logic Controllers with Bob Chaphalkar

  • ENG224 Writing for the Media with Michael Anderson

  • HST212 African- American History with Brian McCall

  • MUS110 Music Appreciation Stand Lit with Josh Wagner

  • PSY101 Intro to Psychology with Lisa Blackford

  • BIO220, 240 and CUL210 with Julie Sheerin

  • SOC101 Intro to Sociology with Brandon Everest

  • ART181 and 182 Printmaking 1 and 2 with Glenn Wolff

  • HST225 American Civil War with Stephen Siciliano

  • ENG221 Creative Writing with Alissia Lingaur

  • THR151 - Basic Acting with Rachael Herrell