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In addition to individual grades received in each course, students will receive a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) that represents all courses taken. Use the calculator below to estimate your cumulative GPA for the current semester.

The calculator is based on NMC's course repeat policies. After repeating a course, the original grade is no longer counted in the cumulative GPA; only the new grade is counted. Read more about NMC's course repeat policies here »

NOTE: The GPA Calculator is not formatted for smaller-screen devices like the one you're using now, so you'll need to revisit this page using a desktop or laptop computer or a tablet if you'd like to use it.

Note: This page is intended for general information only. The calculator will not provide "official" information and is not connected with a student's records or Records & Registration. (Also, actual GPA may be .01 higher in some cases.)

GPA Calculator

To calculate your semester and cumulative GPA, provide the following information:

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  • Total number of attempted credit hours (GPA hours) completed: 

For this semester, enter the credit hours and anticipated grades for each course. If you are repeating a course, select "Yes" under "Is this a repeat?" for that course and then select your previous grade.




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