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Transfer Questions to Ask a University Representative

  • Do you have the program in which I am interested? What similar majors do you have?

  • Are there any internships or cooperative education experiences available for my program?

  • Do you offer online classes? If so, can an entire degree be completed online?

  • Do you offer honors programs?

  • Are there any fast track programs?

  • Where is your main campus located? Do you have any satellite campuses? If so, where?

  • What are your admission requirements? (i.e., GPA or # of credits completed)

  • What is the application deadline if I were applying for the Fall? Spring?

  • How do I arrange a campus visit and tour?

  • Are there courses I need to complete prior to transfer? (i.e., Math or English)

  • How would I go about having my credits evaluated? What grades are required?

  • If I repeat a class, do you count only the repeat grade?

  • What is the typical class size at your institution?

  • What on-campus housing is available for transfer students?

  • What is the tuition at your school? What types of fees do you charge?

  • Are there any scholarships available for transfer students? What are the application deadlines?

  • What is the financial aid process at your school? What are deadlines for Fall? Spring?

  • Do you offer any payment plans for tuition?

  • What is campus life like at your institution? Is it easy to get involved?

  • Do you have a variety of diverse student groups on campus?

  • In terms of walking distance, how far are the classroom buildings from each other?

  • What kind of recreational activities are available on campus?

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