Textbook Rental

The Textbook Rental program allows students to save money by renting a textbook for the entire semester, instead of purchasing the book. Read the Bookstore Rental Agreement (PDF).

If you decide to rent a textbook, you will need a photo ID at the time of rental.

How to rent a textbook

Rental Textbooks are available in the Campus Bookstore and online. All rentals must be returned to the Campus Bookstore, whether you are returning before or at the end of the semester.Not every textbook is available to rent.

Can you write, mark or highlight in your rental textbook?

Yes. However, you may ONLY write minimal notes, markings, and highlighting in your rental textbook. A rental textbook with excessive writing, highlighting, or markings in it will NOT be accepted for a return. You will be charged the replacement cost and a non-return processing fee.

Returning your rental textbook

Your rental textbook must be in resalable condition. Books with torn pages, water damage, torn covers, excessive writing and highlighting, etc., will not be accepted. The rented textbooks will be inspected by the Bookstore staff to determine a resalable condition for return. If, for any reason, you do not or cannot return your rental textbook, you will be charged the full retail price of the book and a restocking fee. Check your rental agreement receipt for any other rental information.

Purchasing your rental textbook

If a book for one of your classes is available to be rented, you have the option of renting the book or purchasing it. Once you rent a textbook, you still have the option to purchase that text. If you decide to purchase the book before the Rental Return Deadline, the rental price that you have already paid will go towards the purchase of the textbook.

What if you drop, withdraw or take an incomplete for a class?

If you drop, withdraw, or take an incomplete for a class, you should return your rental book immediately, in order to prevent it from getting lost during the semester. If you drop or withdraw during the refund period and return your book during that period you will be refunded the rental price. This period is normally the first two weeks of the semester. However, if you are unable to return your rental immediately, you must return your rental textbook by the end of Rental Return Deadline.

Do I have to sign a contract every time I rent a textbook?

Yes. Every time you rent a textbook, you must sign a Textbook Rental Agreement.

Where do I return my rental textbook?

Your rental textbook is returned in the Campus Bookstore, located in the Health & Science building on main campus.

What happens if I don't return my rental textbook?

You will pay the full cost of the text book plus a non-return restocking fee.

What if my book is lost or damaged while I'm renting it?

If your rental textbook is lost or damaged while you're renting it, you will have to pay all replacement fees for that textbook.

What if I notice writing, highlighting, markings, or other damages in my book right after I rent it?

Excessive writing, highlighting, markings, and other damages MUST be reported to the Bookstore within 3 days of renting the textbook. If you do not report excessive writing, highlighting, damages, etc., within the 3 days, you will be held responsible for any markings/damages/etc. that are found in the book during the book's return.

How do I pay for a rental textbook?

Types of payments that are accepted when renting textbooks are cash, check, credit cards (Visa, Master Card), gift cards, and Financial Aid.

Can I rent a textbook even if I'm on Financial Aid/Pell/Grants/Scholarships, etc.?

Yes, students with Financial Aid/Pell/Grants/Scholarships, etc., are able to rent their textbooks. However, it is up to each agency to allow rentals. Therefore, some agencies may only allow for the purchasing of books, not renting.

How do I cancel a rental?

In order to cancel a rental, you must return the rental book in the same condition as when you rented it. All returns including rentals are accepted through the refund period.