Bookstore Policies


The original NMC Bookstore receipt is required for all refunds.

  • No refund for classes that require pre-assignments.
  • No refund for 1 to 6-week classes after semester starts.
  • One week refund for 7-14 week classes after the semester starts.
  • Two week refund for 15 week classes after the semester starts.

You may receive a full refund within the above stated NMC Bookstore refund period if:

  • Items are in the condition in which they were sold (i.e. shrink-wrapped, with barcode, clean, no writing, no pages or CDs missing);
  • You have the original NMC Bookstore receipt.

No cash refund on sales paid by check for 10 business days, unless electronically processed and validated.

The refund period for items other than books is 30 days, with NMC Bookstore receipt and in the condition the items were purchased. All e-books are non-refundable.

Book Buyback

A receipt is no longer required to sell your books back. Learn more »

Online Ordering

Online ordering for any item is available for credit card purchases on the NMC Bookstore secure order site. Applicable shipping rates are posted on the website.