All students, faculty and staff of Northwestern Michigan College are required to have and display a valid parking permit if they park in the college lots on main campus during the fall and spring semesters.

Decals must be in the vehicle and affixed to the lower front windshield on the driver's side.

Decals are not required for motorcycles.

Where to obtain permits

Handicap Parking

NMC provides a number of spaces for handicap parking. Handicap parking permits are issued by the Michigan Secretary of State's office.

The entire Birch parking lot between Scholars Hall and the Osterlin Building is handicap parking only, with van-accessible locations.

Temporary permits

Temporary permits for guests and emergencies are also available in the Enrollment Services Office. There is no charge for temporary permits.

Where to Park

Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only. Overnight parking is allowed in Dogwood and Elm Lots (Residence Halls) and Pine Lot (Apartments) with appropriate permits.

The following lots are restricted as indicated (view the Front Street Campus Map here):

  • Pine Lot — Reserved for apartment residents
  • Aspen Lot — Gated area reserved for Museum guests
  • Dogwood / Elm Lot — Overnight parking allowed

All motor vehicles parked on Northwestern Michigan College properties must be currently registered by the state of origin and in operable condition. Boats, snowmobiles, trailers, campers, etc. cannot be stored or parked in parking areas.

Metered Zones

Metered visitor parking spaces are for visitors only. Vehicles with college parking permits will be ticketed or towed. Vehicles shall not be in a metered zone for a period of time longer than designated on said parking meter and only upon the deposit of a coin of the denomination designated on the meter. Vehicles with state issued handicap permits are exempt from these restrictions.

Tickets & Enforcement

Parking on NMC's Main Campus is enforced by the City of Traverse City and Northwestern Michigan College's Campus Security Department.

NMC cannot void or adjust any tickets issued by the City of Traverse City. Questions and comments about parking tickets and enforcement should be directed to the City of Traverse City Parking Administrator at (231) 922-0241.


Northwestern Michigan College assumes no liability for loss or damage to vehicles or contents on NMC properties.

Questions or comments about NMC's parking policies should be directed to the Campus Safety Office in the Timothy J. Nelson Innovation Center: (231) 995-1097.

Parking enforcement

Enforcement of parking rules and regulations is by the City of Traverse City and Northwestern Michigan College's Campus Security Department. Fines are payable to the "City of Traverse City." There is a City fine payment receptacle (red box) placed near the Welcome Center sign.

Permit enforcement is Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters. Enforcement of no parking zones, fire lanes, and handicap parking will be continuous.

Persons who obtain three or more unpaid parking violation notices in an academic semester may be subject to additional institutional penalties, including booting or towing of vehicle. The registered owners of such vehicles shall be responsible for related costs. Multiple unpaid parking offenses may result in suspension of a parking permit and the privilege of using Northwestern Michigan College parking facilities.