NMC Writing & Reading Center Courteous Communication and Conduct

The Writing and Reading Center (WRC) believes that the process of becoming a better writer involves listening carefully to the ideas and perspectives of others, as well as sharing our own ideas and perspectives respectfully. At the WRC, all individuals are asked to be courteous in their discourse, both in face-to-face meetings that take place in the WRC and in online communications (e.g. Zoom, MySuccess, via Google Docs and other word processor comments, emails). NMC and University Center students who need assistance on their reading and writing are welcome in the WRC. Non-NMC students may be asked to wait in another area to protect student privacy.

Appointments in the WRC are for improving student reading writing skills at any phase of the reading and writing process. The discussions that take place during WRC appointments should focus on the coursework the student has brought with them. Disagreement can be productive and invigorating as long as people engage each other with civility and an assumption of positive intent. WRC Readers offer constructive feedback with the intention of strengthening students’ learning habits and helping them towards success on their assignments.

All students and WRC Readers have the right to an academic experience that is not disrupted by loud and/or inappropriate comments or outbursts, offensive language, or harassing behavior. Individuals who disrupt the learning environment or interfere with the WRC’s operations will be asked to conclude their meeting with WRC staff and will need to meet with the WRC Director before resuming use of WRC services. Resumption of WRC services may be limited to Zoom or online meetings until the WRC Director determines otherwise.