Instructor Resources

In addition to assisting students, the Writing & Reading Center can also help instructors to integrate and facilitate writing in the classroom.

Writing & reading Center Presentations

If you're interested in a WRC presentation this semester, either at the beginning of the term or when you launch/assign a writing assignment, please email WRC Director Sarah Wangler at

Writing & reading Center (WRC) Materials

The Writing & Reading Center has stickers, bookmarks, pens and mini-flyers available for students if you stop in SH221 and at the start of the semester we often distribute flyers via the Student Success Center, NMC dorms, and NMC Library.

Teaching Writing Resources

Integrating writing into the classroom can sometimes be a challenging task. At any point and time you can contact the WRC Director with questions you may have pertaining to creating writing assignments, teaching writing, or grading writing. In addition, there are several resources available online. The majority of these resources come from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL) or Excelsior College's OWL, both of which are excellent references for instructors and students alike. The links below open in new browser windows:

Additional Assistance

The WRC Director and lead staff would be more than happy to give you feedback on potential assignments. It can be especially helpful to get a student's viewpoint before it is assigned. We can offer more guidance during a specific project, give you writing instruction direction, or help to problem solve if you find a writing concern becoming apparent. If you have questions or comments at any time about your assignments or the WRC's operations, please email WRC Director Sarah Wangler at