Returning Student Checklist

Please keep in mind the following:

  • Apply now or update your information

    Admissions – If you have been away from NMC for more than one semester, we will ask you to complete a new application to update your information. Start your online application here. This allows us to have your most current information on file.
    Financial Aid – If you are transferring mid-year, and have completed the FAFSA, you will need to contact your current school to have your financial aid information transferred to NMC. This may include canceling any aid that has been awarded at your current school before you transfer to NMC. If you have NOT completed the FAFSA, you will need to do so as soon as possible to be considered for any student financial aid that is available through NMC.
  • Transcripts

    Submit official transcripts from any other colleges/universities you have attended since leaving NMC. We will evaluate the transcripts and let you know which credits will transfer to NMC. Transfer credits to NMC »
  • New Password

    Call the Help Desk at (231) 995-3020 to renew your NMC ID and password. The Help Desk staff will be able to access your account and give you a new password to go with your login.
  • Advising & Registration

    Academic Advisors are assigned based on program of study. Check your study transcript in the "Student Records" section of your NMC Self-Service account or call the Advising Center at (231) 995-1040. Meet with an academic advisor to choose classes for the next semester. You and your advisor will review the classes you’ve taken, along with any classes you may have transferred back to NMC in order to properly recommend the next classes you will need to take.
  • Purchases books

    Once you are registered for classes, you can purchase your books through the NMC Bookstore.