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What can we help you promote or produce?

Please use this form to request promotional coverage of your NMC announcement, program or event, or to order NMC-related promotional materials. A copy of the request will be emailed to you. View a list of NMC promotional outlets here »

Information posted to the Intercom and/or Student News is available to the public through and also appears for a limited time on the and/or home pages. Learn more here. Note that, regardless of where information is posted, most college communications are a matter of public record under the Freedom of Information Act.

I have spoken to my supervisor about how this request fits into our departmental priorities (if an NMC employee).

View a list of NMC promotional outlets here. Please include requested start and end dates for when the promotion should run. Note that promotion of upcoming events by the Public Relations department typically won't begin until within a month of the event, unless the event requires registration and/or sponsorships, in which case the promotion may begin up to two months before the event, to avoid overlapping event promotions and audience fatigue.

Check this box if this is a sensitive announcement that SHOULD BE RESTRICTED to the password-protected home page, as specified in Target audience(s) above. NOTE: If you select this checkbox, your announcement WILL NOT BE INCLUDED in the Intercom blog, in Intercom roundup emails, on campus video monitors, or social media.

Attach supporting files (event description, press release, graphics, logos, a photo to include with your announcement, etc.) to this form using the "Choose Files" or "Browse..." button below. Files need to be in the same folder on your computer to attach multiple files at once. Select multiple files by holding down the Control key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) while clicking on each one.

NOTE: The attached files cannot add up to more than 8 MB (Megabytes) in total file size.

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