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Promotional Resources

Welcome to NMC Promotional Resources, where you can find descriptions and contact information for the various promotional outlets overseen by NMC Public Relations, Marketing & Communications along with helpful information on promoting your NMC announcement, program or event.

Promotion and Project Request Form »

Filling out this form is the quickest and easiest way to request promotional coverage of your NMC announcement, program or event, or to order NMC-related promotional materials, and will help assure that it gets prompt attention.

Needed Information

Please include the following information with all requests, if applicable:

  • Name of organization
  • Contact person’s name, phone number, email address
  • Event name, date, time and location
  • Cost and where to purchase tickets
  • A brief description of the event, along with who it is intended to attract (the target audience or audiences)
  • Graphics and/or logos

NOTE: Promotion of upcoming events by the Public Relations department typically won't begin until a month before the event, unless the event requires registration and/or sponsorships, in which case the promotion may begin up to two months before the event. This is to avoid overlapping event promotions and audience fatigue.

Intercom / Student News

Want to get your campus event or NMC-related news in front of NMC employees and/or students? Submit it for consideration for the Intercom and Student News, continually updated blogs found online on the NMC Communiqué. Note that information posted to the Intercom and/or Student News is also available to the general public at (and note that most college communications are a matter of public record under the Freedom of Information Act).

Recent blog posts are listed on the myNMC employee and student home pages at and under the Recent Intercom Posts and Recent Student News headlines. Recent Intercom posts are also collected and sent out as a weekly email newsletter to faculty and staff every Monday. Recent Student News posts are collected and emailed to students every other Tuesday during the fall and spring semesters.

The deadline for submitting items for inclusion in the emailed version of the Intercom and Student News is noon on the weekday before the emailed versions are sent out (Friday for the Monday Intercom, and Monday for the Tuesday Student News). Please fill out the Promotion Request Form with the information listed above to submit your item for inclusion, and mention whether you'd like it in the Intercom or Student News (or both). If you would like your item to appear in more than one newsletter, please mention that in your request.

Campus Video Monitors

Campus monitors display a slideshow of NMC-related department or campus event information pertinent to NMC students and employees, along with a list of the day's class cancellations. Please fill out the Promotion Request Form with the information listed above to submit your slideshow item for consideration. For campus events or meetings, please submit information after space has been reserved.

Since each slide is only displayed for 10 seconds, the text on each slide should be limited to 50 words or less. View the current slideshow here »

If you're submitting your slide content as artwork, like an image file or a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document, use a horizontal (landscape) rather than a vertical (portrait) orientation for the image or document, ideally with an aspect ratio of 16 by 9. An image that's 1024 pixels wide by 576 pixels tall has the correct aspect ratio.

External Media

If your event is open to the public, you can request that the event be listed on the free community calendars published by local media outlets using this list. This is a good way to promote most student-run events.

To request a formal college news release, use the promotion request form or contact Cari Noga, Public Relations Specialist, at (231) 995-1027 or News releases are written and distributed to media for events that are primarily for the public, as opposed to events primarily for NMC employees or students. News releases are automatically posted on the NMC website and can be posted on relevant pages within the site and on the NMC Communiqué.

Radio Announcements at WNMC

Contact Eric Hines, WNMC General Manager, at (231) 995-2562 or

When contacting Eric, please decide who your audience is (i.e., students or the larger community), so your announcement can be scheduled accordingly. Passing along a flier is a great way to get a DJ’s attention and some possible extra announcements. Email is the preferred way to pass along information. Please put "PSA" or "Event" in the subject line and email to, with a three- to four-sentence on-air announcement. If the event involves a musician or other artist, copies of their work (with obscenities flagged!) definitely help us help you.

Social Media

Please work with the Public Relations, Marketing & Communications department to post items to the main NMC social media channels (those with the most friends and followers) rather than starting your own Facebook, Twitter or other social media pages, to get the broadest reach for your promotion. Send the information listed above to at least a week in advance of your requested posting date. NMC's main social media channels include:

Website Updates

To request an update to a web page or a new web page, or to report content errors or accessibility issues with NMC's public website, please use the Web Site Update Request Form. To post event information to the general events calendar or student activities calendar, please contact Central Scheduling at (231) 995-1113 or For technical issues with the website, please contact Web Coordinator Steve Kellman at (231) 995-2178 or

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