Web Site Update Request Form

You can use this form to request updates to NMC's public website. Please select the type of request and supply details below. Note that changes to employee listings on pages like this need to be submitted separately via the employee information update form (an NMC ID is required to access the form).

If your request involves a particular web page, please include the address, e.g., nmc.edu/programs/course-descriptions/index.html.

If your request is for a shortcut to an existing page, please review the list of current shortcuts to make sure your page does not already have a shortcut to it. Then supply the address for the page that the shortcut should point to (e.g., nmc.edu/about/foundation/giving-opportunities/annual-fund.html) along with your requested shortcut (e.g., nmc.edu/give).

If your request is for major changes to an existing web page or for a new web page, you can upload a file outlining the changes or providing content for the new page below.

If you would like a reply, please provide us with contact information.

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