Strategic Planning update, 5/26/21

Dear NMC community — Thank you for such a positive and strong start to our strategic planning process. We have accomplished an enormous amount in the first two months thanks to your engagement in this critical, fast-paced process, especially at the busy end of semester. NMC is committed to transparency and regular communication, and this message is to update you on progress thus far. You can also visit at any time.

Since April 16 we have collected feedback from hundreds of participants at 28 focus groups, workshops and other meetings. The points of view collected have been broad and diverse, including the following:

  • Steering committee (April 21 and May 12) with work team (May 6 and May 25 data workshop)
  • Students, including targeted focus groups for resident students and adult learners (four meetings April 16, 27 and 29)
  • Faculty (May 6) and staff (April 28, May 6)
  • Internal college groups: Leadership Council (May 10), Policy Council (April 26), Curriculum Committee (April 23) and DEI Committee (May 14)
  • Fellow educators, including K-12 partners (May 27) and university partners (May 17)
  • Business partners (May 26), and program advisory boards (May 19 and 24)
  • Arts organizations, including the Dennos Museum Center and WNMC (May 24)
  • Alumni (May 17), NMC Foundation board (May 13), IAF board (May 25), community partners (May 12)
  • Board of Trustees - mission workshop (May 11). In addition, trustees are updated at their monthly meeting. Reports available in each monthly agenda packet.
  • Community all-call (May 26)

In addition to the qualitative feedback gathered at the above meetings, the process has included quantitative input.

  • A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) survey was sent to a variety of NMC stakeholders and drew 356 responses. Results were prioritized at the steering committee/workgroup joint meeting May 6.
  • Students were surveyed in order to draft a Student Experience Statement.
  • A survey on a revised mission statement is underway through May 28

This initial phase of strategic planning culminates with the June 23 Future Summit. Please mark your calendars to join us then. We are excited to focus and prioritize the input gathered thus far, and look forward to your continued involvement.

We will continue to provide regular updates on the strategic planning process as we work toward final plan approval by the board in December 2021. You can get updates any time at and email any questions to