The printmaking studio in the Fine Arts building used by students in NMC's Arts / Fine Arts program


In today's ever evolving digital world this analog art form is more popular than ever with both fine artists and graphic designers. Printmaking originated in China not long after paper was invented, and when papermaking found its way to Europe in the 15th century relief printmaking, intaglio, and stone lithography soon followed.

In Printmaking I (ART 181) and Printmaking II (ART 182), students learn the techniques of mono, relief, intaglio, and lithographic printmaking, including plate, block, and stone preparation, etching, and editioning prints on the studio presses.


The NMC Printmaking room has a Takach Lithopress, a Graphic Chemical etching press, Conrad relief press, and a small platen letterpress. Students have access to the print drawers that contain of 30 years worth of past student work for inspiration.

Student Work Gallery

Printmaking Instructor - Glenn Wolff

Glenn originally studied with Jack Ozegovic, the founder of the NMC Printmaking Department. After receiving his BFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design he moved to New York City where he worked as an illustrator for the New York Times, Village Voice, Audubon, The New York Zoological Society, the Central Park Conservancy, and numerous book publishers. Glenn returned to Traverse City with his family in 1987 and has been a full time art faculty member at NMC since 2017. He still works as an illustrator and exhibiting fine artist and brings that real world experience to each of his classes.

Contact Glenn at or (231) 995-1329.

Glenn's current work can be seen here.