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Engineering Program Requirements

NMC Code 079

The NMC engineering curriculum parallels engineering programs offered during the first two years at other colleges and universities. Traditionally, these first two years emphasize the tools and theories that provide background for all engineering fields. Completion of the following program requirements will prepare most students for transfer to a four-year engineering program.

Northwestern Michigan College has joined with Michigan Technological University, Kettering University, and Lake Superior State University to offer a two plus two program whereby a student attends NMC for the first two years and then completes the final two years of an engineering degree at one of the participating four-year institutions. A student admitted into the two plus two program at NMC has the added advantage of a guaranteed place in the major of their choice at one of the four year institutions.

Effective: Fall 2019

Engineering Certificate Requirements Credits: 43-58

Required General Education Classes



Chemistry*: CHM 150


Mathematics**: MTH 141, 142, 241, and 251


Physics: PHY 221 and 222




EGR 101, 113, 201


EGR 131, 202, 203, 220 and/or 232 based on program choice


*More chemistry may be required depending on the area of specialization.

**Students not prepared to begin with Calculus must start at an appropriate level of mathematics determined by placement test scores, or placement by the mathematics department faculty. Computer Science requirements may differ depending on your transfer school.

NOTE: Use this list of courses as a guide only. It is not applicable for all engineering specialties or all schools of engineering. It is important to follow specific requirements for each engineering program available in transfer guides at or in the Advising Center.

Students who plan to earn an associate degree at NMC before transferring should consult a counselor for assistance in modifying this schedule.

Engineering ASA — NMC Code 709

Effective: Fall 2019

Engineering Requirements Credits:

Required Engineering Program Classes



Completion of Certificate Requirements


General Education Credits as required for the ASA Degree


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