Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NMC Global Endorsement?

    • The NMC Global Endorsement is a trackable system for student intercultural experiences. When affixed to the student transcript, the endorsement identifies a culmination of study in which the student has been able to participate and track intercultural learning.
  • Why is it important?

    • NMC states through its strategic direction that it will ensure learners are prepared for success in a global society and economy. The British Council in their report titled Culture at Work shows that employers around the world value staff members who understand the role of culture at work. In fact, the most oft used descriptor when employers were asked to describe skills needed in the workplace was the ability to understand different cultural contexts and viewpoints. The second and third most frequently used descriptors were demonstrating respect for others and adapting to different cultural settings. Employees with these skills bring in new clients, and can work effectively within diverse teams. A global mindset and cross cultural competence is important for all students in today’s workplace. For those involved in pursuing additional levels of education, intercultural knowledge and on the ground experience can help solidify acceptance into specific programs or institutions. Global awareness is important for all in higher education and completing the Global Endorsement is a strong link to future success. In essence, expanding your knowledge of the world can better prepare you for any type of social situation!
  • What requirements must be met in order to receive the endorsement?

    • The Global Endorsement is constructed around a categorical point system whereby students are required to obtain a minimum of 100 total points with a minimum amount in each of the following three categories: 
      1. Academic Courses (globally intensive courses)
        • 15 points each: student must complete a minimum of 3 with a grade point of 2.5 or higher. Almost every course offered can also be used to fulfil core requirements for the MTA.
      2. Global Experience Options (must complete at least one option)
        • 50 points: Participation in an overseas study abroad or an international virtual internship.
        • 10–30 points: Completion of a minimum of 10 hours of domestic international service learning.
        • 30 points: Completed research or creative project (similar to an honors project) focusing on an international topic that involves personal interactions with individuals, artifacts or ideas from a culture outside of the US.
      3. International Events
        • 5 points each: Attendance at a minimum of four NMC international events, one per semester is required. Most all events are free to current students.
      4. Capstone Presentation
        • When at least 100 points have been achieved, the student will schedule a 30 minute capstone presentation related to their participation in global learning opportunities to the director of International Services & Service Learning and 1–2 selected faculty members. The student’s progress will be housed within an electronic portfolio residing in a Moodle shell and available for display during their capstone.
  • What is the difference between a course designated as Inherently Global and one that is Global by Section?

    • An Inherently Global course is one where the majority of the content is globally focused: World Regional Geography, Cultural Anthropology, Spanish, Eastern Religions, etc. A course designated as Global by Section is a non-inherently global course which has been reconstructed by the instructor with a majority of content that is globally focused: Econ 102 – Kahn, Eng. 112 – Sprenkle. Unlike a globally inherent course, the course is always listed on the International Services & Service Learning web site with the instructor name. We look forward to offering more of these each year!
  • How can I complete 10–30 points of domestic intercultural experience?

    • There are a number of ways you may do this; however, you must remember, completing hours in this category requires you to work, tutor, intern, hold an office, or volunteer with people in Michigan who are non-native to the US. If you volunteer with one of the businesses, you must have significant interaction with those from another culture. You may choose from our list of approved businesses, organizations and student clubs. Please stop by and see us before attempting to arrange hours. We can help you fill out the proper risk management forms and provide you with an easy way to track hours (points).
  • Who can apply for the Global Endorsement?

    • Any currently enrolled student at Northwestern Michigan College may apply and work towards a Global Endorsement.
  • Does the endorsement show up on my transcript?

    • Yes! The Global Endorsement will be added to your transcript when you have met all requirements and have completed your capstone presentation.
  • If I apply for the endorsement and do not fulfill the requirements, does it show up on my transcript as incomplete?

    • No. If for any reason you are unable to complete the requirements for the Global Endorsement it will simply not show up on your transcript.
  • Can I study abroad without applying for the Global Endorsement?

    • Yes, but a study abroad experience is worth half the required points for the endorsement!
  • Where can I study abroad?

    • NMC offers several experiences overseas each year. Most are open to all students but some are available only to those in a specific discipline. The majority are coordinated with a specific spring course offering; however, some are independent study, and some are Service Learning specific. All educational experiences will be posted on the International Services & Service Learning website. Some past study abroad opportunities include:
      • Guatemala: Early Childhood Education
      • Ecuador: Business/Spanish
      • South Africa: Nursing/Aviation/Biology
      • Brazil: Social Work
      • Brazil: General
      • Italy: Culinary Arts
      • Greece: Humanities/General
      • Costa Rica: Water Studies/Applied Plant Science/UAS/Engineering/Construction Tech.
      • Russia: Social Science/Humanities
  • Where can I apply?

    • You may fill out an application for the Global Endorsement online or in the Office of International Services & Service Learning located downstairs in the Osterlin Building. Students may apply online here.
  • What if I have additional questions?

    • Please contact us at (231) 995-2524 or (231) 995-2527.

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