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Experiential learning provides learners real world and hands-on opportunities preparing them for an ever-changing and diverse world. The purpose of experiential learning is to actively engage the learner through relevant and ongoing experience, critical problem solving and reflective practices. Learners who engage in experiential learning are more likely to persist through their college experience, graduate, and become lifelong, self-directed learners.

The Experiential Learning Institute (ELI) exists to expand experiential learning college-wide, which began in 2016. The Institute collaborates with both on-campus and community stakeholders to engage students and the community, locally, nationally and globally. The connects the community and NMC by seeking creative partnerships, serving ongoing community needs, and preparing learners for future employment.

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  • International Tea Discussions - Wednesday, January 26 @ 9:15 a.m. Osterlin

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Kami Azevedo
Experiential Learning Flips Classroom Scripts

Since late 2016, a core group of faculty have been working to take EL to critical mass campus-wide. Learn more »