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ELI Learning Symposium

May 2–5, 2022

The First Annual NMC ELI Learning Symposium featured a variety of student and faculty artifacts, experiences and scholarship, including oral and poster presentations on research and community engagement projects, external programs, academic courses, service learning experiences, internships or community partnerships. The symposium exhibited the diverse ways NMC students and faculty engage in high-impact teaching and learning.

  • WHAT: The symposium highlights those who have engaged in experiential learning and other high impact practices in and/or out of the classroom and have shown an elevated level of exploration, discovery and innovation.
  • WHO: Any faculty, staff and students engaged in experiential learning and other high impact practices.
  • WHEN: May 2–5, 2022
  • WHY: The NMC ELI wants to create a space for all NMC stakeholders to celebrate and learn about the many excellent learning experiences on our campuses.

If you have questions regarding the symposium, please contact the ELI Office at elinstitute@nmc.edu or call (231) 995-1170.

NMC ELI Learning Symposium Schedule Of Events

  • May 2–5:
    • Displays and Artifacts in the Innovation Center lobby and hallways 
    • Educational Highlight Slideshow on monitors in the Innovation Center hallways
  • May 3:
    • Presentation "Implementing Social Networking & Professional Development Opportunities in the Classroom" with Scott Goethals at 1 p.m. in IC 104/105
  • May 4:
    • Leadership Luncheon (by invite) at noon in IC 106/107
    • Presentation "SOC 201 Final Presentations" with Brandon Everest at 1 p.m. in IC 104/105
    • Informational Table Displays with Presenters from 1–3 p.m. in IC Lobby
    • Presentation "Freshwater Studies: Bridging Waterways Across the Americas" with Constanza Hazelwood at 2 p.m. in IC 103
    • Presentation "BUS 231 Big Little Hero Race Reflection" with Kristy McDonald at 3 p.m. in IC 106/107
  • May 5:
    • Presentation "Intro to the Humanities Experiential Portfolio" with Jim Bensley at 12:30 p.m. in the IC 104/0105
    • Presentation "My Role as a Record Producer" with NMC student and Nursing Office Assistant Amanda Woodruff at 2:30 p.m. in IC 106/107
    • Presentation "Engaging NMC in Traverse City's Startup Community" with Keith Kelly at 3:30 p.m. in IC 106/107

AERO PARK CAMPUS - May 5: Tech Grill Out from 3–6 p.m.


May 3

Scott Goethals: "Implementing Social Networking & PD Opportunities in the Classroom"

For several years, the CIT department has used Social Networking and Professional Development opportunities as a way to keep "Community in the Community College". In this session we discussed how these experiential learning opportunities are implemented as a grade requirement in the classroom.

May 4

Brandon Everest: "SOC 201 Final Presentation"

Modern Social Problems students reviewed experiential learning projects and their learning throughout the semester. Every student chose a topic, participated in a simulation around it, studied the topic more deeply and identified a problem for service or citizenship action. Alongside artifacts of scholarship, they reflected on the semester in our final class for the semester.

Constanza Hazelwood: "Freshwater Studies: Bridging Waterways Across the Americas"

Overview of the global project "Bridging Waterways Across the Americas," funded by the US Department of State. This session introduced students to a hybrid global opportunity where students and faculty from La Salle University in Colombia, and the Freshwater Studies program at Northwestern Michigan College are exchanging scientific and cultural knowledge and experiences both online and in-person.

Kristy McDonald: "BUS 231 Big Little Hero Race Reflection"

NMC's BUS 231 students presented a mixed media presentation on their service learning project, Big Little Hero Race. Students in this professional communications course have collaborated to put together a 1-mile Fun Run, 5k Walk/Run, 10k Walk/Run and a post race festival. Proceeds benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Michigan and NMC’s College for Kids program. As the final assignment in this experiential learning course, they reflected about their personal experiences and the project outcomes.

May 5

Jim Bensley: "Intro to the Humanities Experiential Portfolio Project"

The Humanities Portfolio asked students to leave the screen and discover (and sometimes create) the past in the present. Students had to think creatively as they compiled a collection of community examples related to the study of the humanities from the Baroque era through the 20th century.

Amanda Woodruff: "My Role as a Record Producer"

Final Project Presentation included a brief overview of Amanda's experience in the Audio Tech program, tour of her e-portfolio website, a showing of her final project with includes an album of 10 original songs with an explanation of the process, promotion of the album and time for questions and answers.

Keith Kelly: "Engaging NMC in Traverse City's Startup Community"

Traverse City’s startup community continues to build momentum, creating new opportunities for business and career growth. Innovation can occur in any NMC program or lab space, but how can we build cross-curricular teams that link our students’ ideas, capabilities and efforts into this broader entrepreneurial community? This session featured five NMC Startup student pitches that were presented to the community during the student pitch competition on May 13 as part of Northern Michigan Startup Week (nmsw.co). Keith provided detail on the related NMC Startup Seminar course and discussed other events scheduled as part of this first annual Northern Michigan Startup Week.

Informational Table Displays

Wednesday, May 4 from 1–3 p.m.

  • NMC Motor Sports Club (Baja Car)
  • Rotaract (Book Project)
  • NMC Magazine (Latest Edition)
  • Student Success Coaches (Events)
  • International Services & Service Learning (Events)
  • PTK (Events)

Virtual Events


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