Internships at NMC are an opportunity for students to explore career or interest areas, apply classroom theory to a real situation, and gain practical experience for resume building. The internship experience is guided through learning outcomes which build on previous coursework allowing learning to become integrated in a professional setting.

Internships offer students the opportunity to:

  1. Gain academic credits towards a degree.
  2. Gain knowledge and exposure to specific areas of work-related skills.
  3. Gain experience to build and strengthen your resume.
  4. Develop a professional network.

Students should contact their academic department if they are interested in an internship.

Internship Instructions For Cooperative Sponsors:

For community employers and businesses that are interested in partnering with NMC to become a Cooperative Sponsor, please fill out the Internship Request form. Once it is completed, the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator will contact you.

Links To Internship Departments:


If you are looking for additional opportunities, learn more about apprenticeships here!

Amy Burns Bailey
Experiential Learning Program Coordinator
Business & Technical Division
(231) 995-2211