NMC Bachelor of Science Marine Technology student Tyler Smith off the coast of Alaska

NMC Dental Assistant program students work in the dental lab

An NMC student works in an office during an internship


Internships at NMC are an opportunity for students to explore career or interest areas, apply classroom theory to a real situation, and gain practical experience for resume building. The internship experience is guided through learning outcomes which build on previous coursework allowing learning to become integrated in a professional setting.

Internships offer students the opportunity to:

  1. Gain academic credits towards a degree.
  2. Gain knowledge and exposure to specific areas of work-related skills.
  3. Gain experience to build and strengthen your resume.
  4. Develop a professional network.

Students should contact their academic department if they are interested in an internship.

Internship Instructions For Cooperative Sponsors:

For community employers and businesses that are interested in partnering with NMC to become a Cooperative Sponsor, please fill out the Internship Request form. Once it is completed, the Experiential Learning Program Coordinator will contact you.

Links To Internship Departments:


If you are looking for additional opportunities, learn more about apprenticeships here!

Amy Burns Bailey
Experiential Learning Program Coordinator
Business & Technical Division

(231) 995-2211