Flight Fees

Flight fees are based on the following aircraft/simulator rates (as of SEPTEMBER 4, 2023)




Cessna 172 SP*

$194/ hour

$254/ hour

Super Cub (Seaplane)


$235/ hour

Piper Aztec (Multi-Engine)

$297/ hour

$367/ hour

Decathlon (Tailwheel)

$175/ hour

$235/ hour

Frasca 172* (C172 Simulator)


$148/ hour

Redbird (Simulator)

$5/ hour

$85/ hour

Instructor rate is $60 per single-engine flight/ground hour and $70 per multi-engine flight/ground hour. These rates apply for both registered and non-registered students. Registered students are students who have been admitted to NMC and are registered for and paying tuition for a flight class. Fuel costs are included in the posted rates. Only if necessary will an additional fuel surcharge based on the rise of fuel prices be applied.

*Glass Cockpit