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My Academic Plan (MAP)

Ready, Set, Register!

Use My Academic Plan (MAP) to plan for registration and move you toward graduation!

Welcome to My Academic Plan (MAP), the new degree tracking system for students. MAP is an easy-to-use, web-based academic planning tool that helps students and their advisors successfully navigate degree/certificate requirements at NMC.

Get Ready!

  • Log in to your myNMC and access MAP
  • Watch the instructional video to the rightbelow for a tutorial showing how to read MAP
  • Make a list of courses you need to take in future semesters based on your degree requirements

Get SET!

Set an appointment with your assigned academic advisor, or a faculty advisor in your program area. New students will receive an email notification of who to meet with. Continuing students — need a list to choose from? Check here!

  • Your appointment should be made in early October (for Spring registration) or late February to early March (for Summer and Fall registration)
  • Please prepare for your appointment by checking the upcoming semester Course Schedule


Go to your NMC Self-Service page on the day/time your registration window opens to secure places in your preferred classes for next semester.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access MAP?

  • There are a couple of ways to access MAP. The first is through your page. Once there, you will find an icon with MAP. You can also access MAP through Self-Service, under Student Records.

What is an audit?

  • A MAP audit is an unofficial review of past, current and "planned" coursework that provides information on completed and outstanding requirements necessary to complete a degree or certificate.

Using the audit

  • Your audit will display the courses you've taken and future courses for which you are registered. It will show you program requirements that are being met or that may be met upon satisfactory completion of courses in progress.

What is the What If feature?

  • The “What If” function allows you to explore changing your program of study. The “What If” audit will show you what coursework is required for the new degree or program, what courses you have taken that satisfy requirements, and what courses are still left for you to take.

Additional Help

  • MAP has a “Help” feature along the top of your audit page. There is a lot of useful information under the link. For issues logging into MAP, please submit a help desk ticket or call (231) 995-3020. If you have questions about your program of study, please contact the Advising Center (or your Faculty Advisor) at (231) 995-1040.

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