Rooms & Amenities

All Rooms Include

  • Two twin beds with twin XL mattresses, dressers, desks, chairs, bookshelves and closets
  • Mini fridge / freezer / microwave unit (residents are not allowed to bring additional units)
  • Wireless Internet
  • Cable TV hookup with free basic services
  • Semi-private bathroom/shower
  • Fitness Center Membership
  • Complimentary toilet paper and trash bags available at the front desk

Rooms are in suite arrangements — two rooms connected by a bathroom. Each room accommodates one to two students. Most rooms are 12 feet by 17 feet. The corner rooms are bigger, enough to accommodate three beds, desks and chairs. There is limited availability for these rooms.

Loft kits are available to rent. Please email the housing office for more details at Only loft kits provided by NMC are permitted.

East Hall Suite Layout

East Hall Dorm Room Layout

Each wing of East Hall is equipped with laundry facilities. Our laundry machines are free for East Hall residents.

Common Areas

East Hall has several common areas for students to enjoy. The lobby area has couches, chairs, a television, two computers that are hooked up to a printer, a toaster and Keurig available for use. The lower level basement has study rooms, couches, chairs, a television and several tables and chairs for group study sessions. There is also a 'fish bowl' area furnished with table and chairs.