Suspension & Reinstatement

Academic Suspension

When a student has been on academic probation for two semesters and is unable to maintain a current grade point average of 2.0 or higher the following semester, that student will be suspended from academic enrollment for a period of one semester. This means the student will sit out for one full semester. The official transcript will reflect this action.

Reinstatement Following Academic Suspension

A student who has been academically suspended may petition the Registrar for reinstatement when the waiting period is over if he/she feels that sufficient changes have occurred to enable academic success. This petition must be made in writing at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the student is seeking re-entry. Include in the petition:

  1. Circumstances that you feel will lead to better academic performance.
  2. Your goals at NMC; for example, major field of study and career plans.
  3. Your plans regarding employment if you are reinstated.

Reinstatement requests will be reviewed beginning August 1 for Fall semester, December 1 for Spring semester and April 1 for Summer semester.

Our General Academic Petition can be found here.