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Website Shortcuts

These are shortened web addresses that automatically redirect users to a page that may have a much longer address; e.g., if you send someone an email with in the body, or use it in a print publication, people who use that address are automatically forwarded to the actual address,

  • Wherever multiple shortcuts are shown below for one actual location, please use the shortcut in bold; e.g., rather than (Listed shortcuts that aren't in bold are older shortcuts that have been left in place for legacy applications.)
  • For the sake of consistency and legibility, please leave the "www." off the shortcut, use lowercase letters (except in special cases like myMAP and TEDx), and use a dash ("-") between words, e.g.,
  • There are many additional shortcuts not listed here that expedite links from the old site, old or incorrect links from external sites, and old bookmarks that have not been replaced or corrected.
  • Please send any questions or comments, or requests for new shortcuts, to or use the website update request form. Before requesting a new shortcut to a page, please check below to make sure a shortcut hasn't already been set up for it.


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