Library Policies

Circulation & Borrowing

  • How To Get A Library Card

    • NMC and University Center students, faculty and staff: Bring your NMC ID card to the library service desk to activate your library card. If you don’t have an NMC ID card, bring a photo ID.
    • Public patrons: Community members are welcome to get a library card and borrow items. Bring a picture ID to the library service desk to get registered for a card.
  • Borrowing Books & Periodicals

    • General Loan Periods

      Item Type

      Faculty / Staff




      Periodicals (Magazines/Journals)

      3 weeks

      3 weeks

      3 weeks


      Books (including. New Books)

      1 semester

      3 weeks

      3 weeks


      Leisure Books

      3 weeks

      3 weeks

      3 weeks


      Picture Books

      7 days

      7 days

      7 days


    • MeLCat Materials: MeLCat books can be checked out for 4 weeks, with one optional renewal; media can be checked out for 2 or 4 weeks depending on the originating lending library's policy.
    • Newspapers and Reference Books: These are for library use only, and cannot be checked out.
    • Fines: We do not charge overdue fines for any of the above items. Patrons are still responsible for replacement costs for lost items. Overdue items are considered lost 4 weeks past the due date. Fines in excess of $10.00 will result in the temporary suspension of library borrowing privileges and placement on academic hold.
    • Holds: If the item you want is unavailable, we encourage you to place a hold. Once fulfilled, requests are held at the service desk for up to 10 days.
  • Borrowing Textbooks & Technology

    • Textbook & Equipment Loan Periods

      Item Type

      NMC Student Loan Period


      4 hours

      Phone chargers

      2 hours

      Closed Reserve Textbooks

      2 hours (some exceptions)

      Open Reserve Textbooks

      3 weeks (some exceptions)


      current semester

      WiFi Hotspots

      current semester

    • Borrowing privileges: Due to high demand, textbooks and technology equipment are reserved for NMC student use.
    • Renewals: Renewals are permitted as long as no other students are waiting. Renewals for high-demand items must be made in person at the library service desk.
    • Fines: Overdue fines for high-demand items accrue at a rate of $1 per day, up to the cost of replacement. Fines in excess of $10.00 will result in the temporary suspension of library borrowing privileges and placement on academic hold.
    • Due to high demand, textbooks and technology equipment are reserved for NMC student use.
    • Replacement Fees





      Chromebook power cord


      Chromebook case


      WiFi Hotspot


      WiFi power cord & adapter


      WiFi case



      Cost of book

  • Returning Library Materials

    • Books may be returned at the following NMC locations:
    • NMC Library Circulation Desk (Timothy J. Nelson Innovation Center, 2nd Floor)
    • Blue library drop box in the Birch lot behind the Osterlin Building
    • Library equipment, such as Chromebooks and WiFi hotspots, should not be put in drop boxes. please return these items to the library service desk in person.

Computing & Printing

  • Library Computers

    • Library computers are provided primarily for the purpose of student coursework, research and communications at NMC. Community patrons may use library computers to access our databases, search the catalog or for personal use. However, librarians will prioritize computer access for NMC students’ coursework during times of high demand.
    • Software cannot be downloaded or installed to library computers. Plan to save files to external hardware, NMC network storage or the cloud, as any files saved to the computer’s hard drive will be removed at the end of your session.
    • All users must comply with NMC's Computer and Network Acceptable Use policy.
  • Wireless Internet Access

  • Printing, Copying & Scanning

    • Black-and-white copy machines and black-and-white/color printers are available in the library.
    • For NMC students, staff and faculty: black-and-white printing is free; color printing is free up to 20 pages, 25¢ per page starting with the 21st page.
    • Public users can print or make copies in black-and-white for 10¢ per page, 25¢ per page for color.
    • Email-to-Print is enabled on library printers to print directly from laptops, phones and other devices.
  • Faxing

Acceptable Use Of Facilities & Equipment

  • Acceptable Use

    • NMC Library strives to create a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment for learners to connect to useful information, new perspectives, and each other. As such, the library prohibits any behavior or activity that:

      1. Compromises library users’ privacy
      2. Constitutes intimidation or harassment of library users
      3. Interferes with library users’ ability to access and use library facilities and collections
      4. Interferes with library employees’ ability to complete their regular duties
  • Cell Phones

    • Quiet, non-disruptive use of cell phones is permitted in the library. Please use your phone discreetly and take extended conversations to the lobby on the building’s first floor.
  • Food & Drink

    • Careful, responsible consumption of food and beverages is permitted.
  • Photography & Recording

    • As a limited public forum, NMC Library permits photography and other forms of recording (videography, filming, audio, etc.) under the conditions listed below to the extent that it does not interfere with the operations, programs and activities of the Library.

      1. Casual amateur photography and other forms of recording are permitted for patrons and visitors provided it does not interfere with the operations of the library or individuals using the library and does not capture any identifiable likenesses of individuals without their permission. Photographers are responsible for securing the necessary releases. Anyone photographing or recording within the library must respect library users and employees; harassment, loud or disruptive conduct, or public disturbance will not be tolerated.
      2. No commercial, media photography or recording by third parties may occur in library facilities without prior written permission from the library director.
      3. No distinguishable photographs, video recordings or audio recordings of library users’ materials, computer screens, computer history, or printed documents will be allowed.
      4. Permission may be revoked at any time if the photographer or person recording fails to comply with the terms of this policy or other library rules and regulations.
  • Consequences Of Unacceptable Library Use

    • Warnings will be given by library staff before a person is asked to leave library premises.
    • Student library users disregarding a warning and continuing to violate the above rules will be asked to leave the library and will be subject to disciplinary action via the procedures outlined in NMC Staff Policy D-602.01 Student Rights and Responsibilities - Process.
    • Non-student library users’ continued disregard for the above policies may result in the revocation of library privileges.
    • Library users whose privileges are withheld for any duration pursuant to the above rules may appeal to the Library Director.

Intellectual Freedom & Privacy Of Records

Other Policies

  • Collection Development

    • You can read detailed information about the considerations that inform the collection development and maintenance activities of the library in our Collection Development Policy.
  • Gifts & Donations

    • Gifts fitting the library’s parameters are accepted, with the understanding that the library may add them to the collection at its discretion or dispose of them if they do not meet the standards for selection. As a general rule, gift books will be added to the collection based on the same criteria as purchased material. The library reserves the right to determine the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations related to the use or disposition of all gifts. The library assumes no responsibility for appraisal of gift items, nor can the library accept items under restricted conditions.
    • As we have limited space, the following limitations apply to our ability to accept donations.
    • We can accept donations in quantities of 30 books or less; rare exceptions may be made in cases of extremely relevant collections.
    • Donation inquiries should be submitted for consideration using the NMC Library Donation Screening Form.
    • We cannot accept any of the following:
    • Advance Reading Copies/Galleys/Preview copies
    • Books that are underlined, torn, or otherwise in poor condition
    • Books with mildew or musty smell
    • Encyclopedia sets
    • Non-book items (some exceptions may apply)
    • Textbooks over 5 years old