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Liberal Arts / Science

If you’re not quite sure which career path is right for you, enrolling is NMC’s Liberal Arts / Science program is a smart choice. You’ll be able to select liberal arts and sciences courses such as Art Appreciation, World Cultures, Painting and Photography, among many others.

The Liberal Arts / Science program typically leads to an Associate in Science and Arts (ASA) degree, which is generally pursued by students who are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a baccalaureate degree. Students who are deciding on a major area and want to explore the curriculum also frequently pursue the ASA degree.

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Program Requirements

Students interested in transferring to pursue a bachelor’s degree should enroll in the Liberal Arts / Science area of study if they are undecided.

Course Requirements Credits: 30-32

Required Classes



ENG 11/111 or ENG 111 English Composition and ENG 112 English Composition.


8 credits from at least 2 departments in Group 1 Humanities courses.


8 credits from at least 2 departments in Group 1 Science/Math courses. One must be a Science lecture/lab course.


8 credits from at least 2 departments in Group 1 Social Science courses.


Math Competency - Placement into MTH 121 or higher, or successful completion of MTH 111 with a grade of 2.0 or better


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