NMC Code 716

Professional opportunities for a skilled musician are endless in that music, in some way, touches our lives every day in many ways. The study of music offers vast variety of career options including: music education, instrumental music, vocal performance, conducting, composing, music for worship, music business, instrument making and repair, music publishing, music communications, recording industry, and in the television and radio industry.

NMC offers students the opportunity to complete the first two years of music-major coursework in a creative and supportive environment. Students receive individualized instruction from our dynamic faculty in classes designed for students' success. Standard music-major coursework includes: Music Theory, Sight Singing and Ear Training, Group Piano instruction, Applied Instruction (private lessons), and participation in NMC Music Ensembles. Upon successful completion of the 2-year program, students will have earned an Associate in Science and Arts degree that is transferable to most 4-year institutions of higher learning.

NMC also offers many opportunities for those students pursuing non-music degree paths, but interested in continuing their participation in a music program. Any NMC student (music-major or not) may enroll for Applied Instruction and may participate in any of our NMC Music Ensembles: NMC Chamber Singers, NMC Grand Traverse Chorale, NMC Concert Band, NMC Jazz Ensemble, and the NMC Vocal Jazz Ensemble. Other opportunities (chamber groups, percussion ensembles, jazz combos, etc.) are also available for interested NMC students.