Music Program Requirements

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The first two years of NMC's music curriculum provides a solid foundation for continued study at the transfer institution of choice and in some cases, such as audio technology courses, to immediately enter a music profession.

NMC offers applied (private) lessons for all major instrument types and voice types. Auditions for placement are held during the summer or between semesters. Contact the academic area office manager or the department chair to arrange for a date and time.

Music students at NMC have the unique opportunity to perform twice each semester in a student recital in the Milliken Auditorium. These Wednesday recitals are open to the public and provide students the opportunity to practice their “live” performance skills.

Many students who participated in their high school music programs may wish to continue doing so through one of NMC's performance ensembles.

Colleges and universities and music trade schools provide widely varied coursework leading to a bachelor’s degree and beyond. NMC can tailor the choice of music courses to best accommodate your needs. This is done through the Music Advisor.

Standard coursework for most professional positions would include: MUS 101, 102, 103, and 104 - Music Theory and Sight Singing and Ear Training; MUS 106, 107, 206, 207 - Group Piano Instruction; Independent Study in Music Theory both semesters of your sophomore year; MUS ensembles*; and MUS Applied Instruction*.

Those studying Audio Technology would also enroll in our four-semester sequence of courses: MUS 130A, Ensembles-Sound and Recording Techniques; MUS 130B, Ensembles-Signal Processing; MUS 230A, Ensembles-Midi Processing, and MUS 230B, Ensembles-Recording Practicum. Please see course descriptions for more information on all music courses.

*Placement in an ensemble/applied music instruction (private lessons) is based on audition and faculty recommendation. Students requiring remedial study to prepare for collegiate level applied instruction will be placed in 90 level applied instructions to attain the required skills. Students transferring music credits can expect to be tested for placement in the areas of Theory, Sight-Singing/Ear Training and Piano.

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