Campus Emergency Phone Locations

NMC Main Campus

1701 East Front St.
Traverse City MI 49686

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  1. West side of Dennos Museum Center
  2. Next to sidewalk south of Osterlin Library
  1. Next to sidewalk southwest of Fine Arts Building
  2. Next to sidewalk southwest of Physical Education Building
  3. Sidewalk next to Apartment Building B
  4. Inside Scholars Hall northeast entrance
  5. Sidewalk south of Tanis-Biederman Building
  6. Next to Power House
  1. Sidewalk north of West Hall
  2. Dogwood Lot near ballfield
  3. Elm Lot
  4. Sidewalk between Physical Education and Beckett buildings
  5. East side of Beckett Building
  6. South side of Beckett Building
  7. Sidewalk west of the Beckett Building
  8. Next to Beckett Building Special Needs parking Lot
  9. First floor Beckett Building phone bank
  10. Second floor Beckett Building phone bank
  11. Cherry Lot, entrance
  12. Cherry Lot, middle
  13. Cherry Lot, back
  14. Heath & Science, main floor
  15. Heath & Science, second floor
  16. Oleson Center

University Center

2200 Dendrinos Drive
Traverse City, MI 49684

  1. North end of parking lot
  2. South end of parking lot
  3. Entrance on wall outside
  4. Main entrance on wall outside
  5. Northwest side of parking lot
  6. Southwest side of parking lot

Aero Park Campus

Parsons-Stulen Building

2600 Aero Park Dr.
Traverse City, MI 49686

  1. First floor Phone Bank
  2. Second floor Phone Bank
  3. North end parking lot
  4. South end parking lot

Automotive Service Technology Building

2510 Aero Park Dr.
Traverse City, MI 49686

Front entrance

Great Lakes Campus

715 East Front St.
Traverse City, MI 49686

  1. East parking lot
  2. West parking Lot
  3. Main floor, Hagerty Center side
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