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Together with your community, you brought to life our strategic plan, NMC Foundation Forward: Mobilizing Generosity. Through 2033, with our new mission and vision as our guide, we'll work on action items within the following strategic areas: Engaging Donors, Expanding Partnerships, and Resourcing Innovation. Your participation in this process, along with your donations, volunteerism, advocacy, and alumni pride will make NMC Foundation Forward possible. 

NMC Foundation Forward supports the college's strategic plan NMC Next.


We mobilize generosity to advance learning for a global community.


We are leaders in resourcing learning, innovation, and community transformation.



We bring stakeholders together to engage in a shared vision and understanding that creates enthusiasm, elevates the donor experience, and creates success for the foundation, college, and students.


We exercise diligence and care of assets, tangible and intangible, that inspires trust and confidence.


We bring passion and energy to our work by celebrating the shared and individual results of our team, partners, donors, alumni, and beneficiaries.


We use curiosity in our relationships to understand the needs of those we serve, take informed risks, and design new solutions that allow us to learn from our past and strengths.

Donor Experience Pledge

Northwestern Michigan College Foundation will mobilize generosity to advance learning for a global community through an inspiring and meaningful sustained donor experience, characterized by:
  • Personalized interactions that deepen the connection between our donor community and our campus community;
  • Shared excitement and investment in resourcing learning, innovation, and community transformation through NMC;
  • Heartfelt connections that reflect a sincere gratitude and an interest in learning more about our donors’ passions and possibilities;
  • Welcoming experiences that invite creative opportunities to support and transform NMC.

Northwestern Michigan College and Northwestern Michigan College Foundation support this experience with:
  • A shared commitment in supporting the region’s future and the role NMC’s distinctive educational opportunities play in shaping that outcome;
  • Planful ways of contributing through diverse opportunities and a variety of pathways;
  • Purposeful experiences and knowledgeable communications that advance the donor lifecycle and provide informative updates about meeting needs and making investments;
  • Stories that connect education and outcome, student and donor, yesterday with today, and everyone with NMC’s future.

Strategic Goals

Engaging Donors

Deliver impact-centered engagement that will drive increased leadership giving, identify future philanthropic and volunteer leaders, and increase alumni connections.

Expanding Partnerships

Expand and deepen our network of partnerships at NMC and beyond to strengthen donor loyalty, create and support new resource streams, and amplify impact in support of the college’s strategic goals.

Resourcing Innovation

Facilitate and resource new foundation and college initiatives that advance a culture of philanthropy and innovation.