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Thanks to your support, NMC provides life-changing educational opportunities, cultural experiences, and regional growth to our community.
Thank you for making these stories possible!

Matt looking into the camera

Thanks to you, Matt could stay in Traverse City

After retiring from the Marines, Traverse City resident Matt wasn’t finding any career options that fit his experience. This left him unsatisfied with his career path. Matt knew his calling is helping people and serving his community, like he did as a Marine. He wanted to become a police officer. But with two teenage sons at home, Matt wondered: How can I pursue a career as a police officer and be close to home for my sons? Thanks to you, Matt could apply to a high-quality police academy just a few miles away at NMC. Now a student, he’s pursuing his career in law enforcement and staying close to home for his family.

Matt's Story
Photo of Emmett, an NMC student who received a scholarship to attend the Great Lakes Maritime Academy

Your Support Helped Emmett Switch Careers

When Emmett decided to make a career change, he was worried about how he was going to pay for his classes. Because of you, he could worry less. You lightened the load for Emmett. Thanks to you, he received a scholarship to help pay for school in the fall. Your support helped Emmett receive a scholarship to attend the Great Lakes Maritime Academy. The scholarship eased the burden of paying for school out of pocket and made the transition from full-time work to full-time school easier for Emmett.

Emmett's Story
Amy smiling at the camera

You Kept Amy in Culinary School

Culinary student Amy paid out of pocket for classes at the Great Lakes Culinary Institute with money earned from her job at a local restaurant. When coronavirus forced the restaurant to cut her hours, she didn't know how she would pay for her classes. If she couldn’t pay, she’d have to push back her graduation date. That's when you stepped in. Thanks to you, Amy earned a scholarship to help her pay for classes and graduate on time.

Amy's Story
Paul smiling at camera

Because of you, Paul received a scholarship to attend NMC.

Your support of NMC gives students like Paul the resources and financial relief to focus on their classes, and gain valuable experience through opportunities outside of class. Paul said, “I’ve been able to try things with a sort of safety net and I have gained confidence during my time here to be a leader in the world and in my life. Having my roots at NMC has given me the opportunity to excel at my goals.”

Paul's Story
NMC student Falechia Barry

Your Support Kept Falechia in School

Because of you, Falechia received a scholarship to stay in school and finish her first semester of classes.

Falechia's Story
Kaylie smiling at the camera

You Helped Kaylie Pay for Nursing Classes

Kaylie was working at Munson and babysitting on the side to earn money for school, but when the coronavirus pandemic hit she was left with a reduced income. Because of you, Kaylie received a scholarship that paid for an entire semester of classes. She also received scholarships during the coronavirus pandemic to help pay for class supplies and bills.

Kaylie's Story
Megan smiling at the camera with her dog

Your Support Helped Megan Complete Her Degree

When Megan’s hours were cut at work due to the coronavirus, she didn’t know how she would make things work. Because of you, Megan didn’t have to worry. Megan received a scholarship to help pay for her classes and bills. Your support allowed Megan to focus on her classes and finish her last semester at NMC.

Megan's Story
Kathryn smiling at the camera

You've Helped Kathryn Finish Strong

Because of you, Kathryn received a scholarship that allowed her to pay bills and keep her summer classes. Kathryn wants you to know, “I am beyond appreciative for all that the donors have done to make college students like myself have hope during these times of uncertainty.”

Kathryn's Story
Sylvie's art exhibit of her dog

You've Kept Our Community Connected

If you’ve recently made a gift to support the Dennos Museum Center, thank you! Your gift has helped keep our community connected and provided virtual art programming to children like Sylvie, whose virtual art exhibit is pictured here.

Dennos Story