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NMC’s Geography Program emphasizes both natural science and social science perspectives. A career in this field involves studying physical and biological environments, human societies and their interactions across space and time. Using maps, fieldwork and geospatial technologies such as GIS, geographers solve real-world problems, both local and global.

If you take an interest in analyzing the processes, spatial patterns and consequences of human-environment interaction, consider enrolling in this program, which includes course work in Physical Geography and Introduction to Geography. Regional courses also are offered that focus on the United States and Canada.

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NMC offers course work in Physical Geography and Introduction to Geography. Regional courses are also offered that focus on the United States and Canada and the World. In addition, a tools course concentrating on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is offered. Students planning on pursuing a rewarding career in Geography will select courses from those listed here

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$383.00 per contact hour

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$33.00 per contact hour

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