Faculty & Staff

Health Occupations Academic Area
Biederman Building 103G, Main Campus (#6 on the Campus Map)
1701 E. Front St.
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: (231) 995-1235
Fax: (231) 995-1950

Office Manager: Margaret Fox
Nursing Office Assistant: Melanie Griffith

Livengood, Tamella — Director of Nursing Programs
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1242
Office: Biederman Building LB103C
Fox, Margaret — Health Occupations Aca Area Office Manager
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1235
Office: Biederman Building LB103L
Griffith, Melanie — Nursing Office Assistant
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1238
Office: Biederman Building
Anderson, Kim — Health Occupations instructor
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1083
Office: Biederman Building LB103E
Boris, Betsy — Health Occupations instructor
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1246
Office: Biederman Building LB103O
Light, Meghan — Simulation Lab Coordinator
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2372
Office: Biederman Building
Stewart, Magdalena — Health Occupations instructor
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1268
Office: Biederman Building LB103J
Trouslot, Amy — Health Occupations instructor
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1239
Office: Biederman Building LB103B
Williams, Natasha — Health Occupations Instructor
Office: Biederman Building

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Nursing Programs Policy Manual (PDF)

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Any pre-nursing student planning to transfer a pharmacology class to NMC, please contact the Nursing Department prior to registering for any non-NMC pharmacology class.

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