Criminal Background Checks

Criminal background checks are now required on all students entering the Associate Degree in Nursing and the Practical Nursing programs. This is due to the change in legislation that requires checks be completed for certain health care institutions.The background check will be required upon admission to the program and prior to the beginning of the first course. An updated Ichat (Internet Criminal History Access Tool) background check will also be required for any student being readmitted to the program. The costs associated with a background check will be the sole responsibility of the nursing student.

The following links provide information on the State and Federal exclusions for criminal history. Please review the following information if you have a criminal history to determine if you are eligible for clinical placement as a nursing student. Felonies typically have restricted admission for a 10–15 year period from the time of completion of sentence and all probation time served. Misdemeanors vary in the severity of the crime and the time frame a student would be excluded from placement in a health care setting. Misdemeanor guidelines do not require completion of probation time in the exclusion time period.

Once admitted to the program, students subsequently convicted of crimes identified at the state and/or federal level as exclusionary will be dismissed. It is the student’s responsibility to report changes in the status of their criminal background to the director of the Nursing Programs.

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Criminal Background Checks


Any pre-nursing student planning to transfer a pharmacology class to NMC, please contact the Nursing Department prior to registering for any non-NMC pharmacology class.

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