Hybrid Courses

Hybrid courses blend the traditional, on-campus, classroom with the online environment. The on-campus time is significantly reduced, providing greater schedule flexibility. Hybrid courses offer the best of both learning environments.

Hybrid Learning offers the benefits of on-campus learning including:

  • In-person, social interaction
  • Immediate feedback
  • Hands-on learning
  • Scheduled meetings

Plus, the benefits of online learning includING:

  • Reduction in scheduled, on-campus meetings
  • Less travel time and related costs
  • Flexibility and convenience in scheduling your time for classwork
  • Time to reflect before responding to discussions and other course activities

The courses listed below are available as hybrids. The courses with labs (BIO, CHM, PHY) have online or hybrid lectures with on-campus lab requirements. They may not be offered every semester; click the view button to see when the course is offered.

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