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Frequently Asked Questions

If Enrolled In An Online Course:

  • Where do I find my online course?
    Link located at myNMC. Log into NMC eLearning:
  • When can I access my online course(s)?
    You are able to access your online course(s) under "My Courses" in Moodle on the class start date identified in the course schedule. If you cannot access your class under "My Courses", contact the NMC Technology Help Desk.
  • I just signed up for a course and when I log into Moodle, I can't see my course?
    Students cannot see their course in Moodle immediately after registration. They are added each night during a sync process with the registration system. Your course will appear the next morning after you register.
  • When does my online class start?
    Online classes begin the first day of the semester or session start date in the catalog. Look up your class information on the NMC Online Searchable Schedule »
  • How does test proctoring work for an online class?
    This can vary depending on the class. Some students may be asked to use the Student Success Center on NMC's campus to take proctored tests. Other options include remotely taking Moodle-built tests with Moodle's built-in security features enabled, Zoom-proctored tests (where your instructor asks you to take the test with your webcam enabled, or the use of a third-party testing platform. The two platforms that are most commonly used at NMC are Examsoft and Proctorio. Please check with your instructor if you have questions about your course(s) online testing protocols. 
  • I have questions about my course. Where do I go for help?
  • I completed the online orientation, and I still have questions. How can I get help?
    Use the Help Link in Moodle to access Student Help. You can also contact the NMC Technology Help Desk to ask a question, enter a help desk ticket, or request one-on-one help. Help is also available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, in the Educational Technology office in room WH26 of the basement of the West Hall Innovation Center.

If Enrolled In A Hybrid Course:

  • Where do I find the online material for my course?
    All hybrid courses use NMC eLearning (Moodle) for the online delivery of the class. Link located at myNMC. Log into NMC eLearning:
  • When does my course meet face-to-face?
    All face-to-face/on-campus class sessions are listed in the course schedule.
  • When can I access my course in Moodle?
    Courses will vary. Many instructors will have the course available on the class start date, but other instructors may wait until after your first face-to-face meeting to turn your course on in Moodle.

If you need additional help, contact the NMC Help Desk at (231) 995-3020 or submit a help desk ticket.

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